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Not completely to do with my COPD but I have trouble sleeping because my head is hot so I spend half the night waking and turning my pillow over. So, as I get fairly tired enough anyway with the COPD, this adds to it.

I have seen cool pillows advertised which are actually gel bags that you strap to the pillow and these do not need to go in the fridge or freezer as it is the gel which is cooling.

I wondered if anyone had tried them and what they thought?

Lynne x

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  • That sound a great idea, I will have to investigate, I too spend half the night turning pillows.


  • HI lynne,I too get very warm.I have not tried the pillows you mention,but i do have a standing fan in my bedroom which is a great help in knocking the humidity/temperature down.Think it cost under £20 at poundstrecher.Worth every penny x

  • Hi lynne, I agree with pedantic, a fan does the trick although the one I have was a bit noisey at first but I got use to it :) x

  • Got two fans going in our room one each side, plus hubbies cpap, it's a wonder either of us ever sleep but you get used to it and then have problem when they are not on, it's too quiet.

    Still going to look into the pillows


  • a cool scarf is fab for wearing at any time, also bought one for my daughter who just gets hot in sunshine. and the cool pillow is good - got both from amazon uk.

  • hello, only just read this. I recently bought a cool pillow and forgot about it until last night, At first it was wonderful but soon it took on my body heat and became as warm as i was.

  • Thanks for your responses. I have ordered a fairly cheap cool pillow from Amazon to try (only £8). if I like it, I might get the more expesive type I have seen that you can actually strap to the pillow.

    I also noticed the cool scarves on Amazon.

    Lynne x

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