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Oh Woe is Me

Oh woe is me,

I've got COPD,

That's it; all over; the end.

No more laughter or fun,

You too would be glum,

If you had what I have, old chum.

I'll just sit in my room,

Full of misery and gloom,

and wait for the curtain to fall .........

But hang on a mo,

I'm not ready to go,

There's lot of things still to achieve.

There's beauty to see,

The meals made for me,

The people I meet day to day.

The family and friends,

The films and the plays,

The music that lifts up your soul.

I can snooze in the sun,

Read a book 'til it's done,

The rat race is now left to others.

There's good days and bad,

And days when I'm mad,

And days I won't ever forget.

So don't worry about me,

With my COPD,

A new chapter of life is beginning.

I'll just cheer up and smile,

And be here for a while,

Though my progress might be a mite slower.

I'll just keep on breathing,

Forget all the wheezing,

And enjoy life 'cos ...

... that's what it's for.

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:) Val

Brilliant ! Thank you for that CarrieMe :)

I'm another with COPD

but I'm not going to let it beat me

each day is a bonus

gifted upon us

make the best of it, oh yes sireeeeee


Love it.

Lynne xx

Inspirational Carrieme.....well done, Marilyn x

wonderful carrieme.well done indeed !

That's lovely Carrieme. Many thanks. Take care. Auntymary xx

Lovley and well done, made me smile :)

I'm an old git with COPD,

But I wont let it get to me,

As long as I breathe

I am alive,

So therefore I'm happy, you see !


In the past year,

Our lives, Puff, I fear,

Have been spent waiting.

Waiting in hospital, waiting at the GP,

waiting and waiting, waiting at the pharmacy.

waiting for letters,

for medicine to make you feel better

Waiting is frustrating.

The waiting room is boring,

outside its pouring,

the magazines have been here for thirty years!

Nothing to do

Except wait for you.

Its a good job I love you, my dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How sweet :)

( I wonder what she's after now :) )

Such great poetry today and very uplifting..x

That is brilliant, and so true I am going to copy it and keep it and when I am feeling down I will read it and will be cheered up. Thank you puff.

Very good keep it going!!!!!!!!!1

Aww I did enjoy all the poetry, well done!! It certainly made me smile :0))

Loved it! lots of talented poets here today, making me smile thank you! :) x

In My Dreams

I walk slowly and can’t manage far,

I travel to most places in my car,

I sit at my window and watch the birds,

Their beauty defies conventional words.

But I can laugh and have some fun

And in my dreams I can still run.

My grandchildren know I can’t chase around

But my lap is there and easily found,

When I sit in a chair it is a comfortable place

And we can chat face to face.

But I can laugh and have some fun

And in my dreams I can still run.

My children know I am there when they want to talk,

And I can ride in my ‘chariot’ while they walk.

I don’t have to worry about comfortable shoes

I can go for miles without aching feet blues!

And I can laugh and have some fun

And in my dreams I can still run.

When you light up that cigarette and have a drag,

Just remember it was years of smoking a fag

That has made me as I am today,

In money and in health you pay.

But I can laugh and have some fun

And in my dreams I can still run.

love the messges in the poetry here it says it all in a positive way and reafirms there are positives they made me smile and lifted my spirit a few feet thanks

Loving all the poetry today, and I can totally empathise with you, caroleoctober! ?

Lovely, well done the poets!

Well done CarrieMe - You have made people smile and turned then nto poets!

We took a trip to Bosina - my copd and me.

We walked over the Stari most - my copd and me.

And saw the plague 'Not to forget '- what happened in '93

Which saddened - my copd and me.

So we decided to make a pact - my copd and me

'to live each day the best we can' - me and my copd.

How wonderful that in spite of the curse of copd, these lovely people have the spirit to write such lovely poetry, i can remember when i was told that i had copd i felt downhearted, but then i realised that i could not control what i was presented with although i have bad days i try to keep smiling and have decided this is not going to control me, it would be nice to walk a fair distance, and even run a little, using a 2litre when walking, driving, but usually can get by on 1ltr, on the bipap at night and a real treat as now sleep 10.30--- 7 keep well and keep smiling.

Puffin kev.

It is my hubby, not me, who has copd

Also sarcoid, hbp to boot,

We get by together,

Whatever the weather,

And life is often a hoot!

Thanks for the smiles xxxxx

You lot are an inspiration, a million thanks and smiles to all.

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