Can anyone help?

Hi i was just wondering if anyone can help! My dad has been diagnosed with COPD, he was diagnosed about 2 years ago and he is being treated very badly. He went to the doctors today and was told to go away as there is nothing that can be done. At a previous appointment he asked for a second opinion and asked to be refered to the hospital, he was told that this would be done but at the doctors today the doctor he see said there was nothing on the computer about this. My dad is only 62 and is in a lot of discomfort. He doesnt smoke and eats healthy he cannot really exercise because as soon as he walks he cant breathe, some days he cant even dress himself. We know that this condition cant be cured but surely theres something that can make his life a bit easier, is their a support group which could help or something we could do to make the quality of his life better, Thank you

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give the BLF helpline a ring hun - 03000 030 555

unfortunately i am very much like your dad - some days i can't even get to the loo on my own and i am sure a lot of others on here will say the same but my Dr does everything he can to make my life as comfortable as possible.

I hope you get this sorted soon, there is nothing worse than feeling ill and not getting anywhere with your Doctor.

good luck xxxx

Thank you xx Im glad to hear you have a good doctor its good to know there are some good ones out there. All the best xxxx

Hi paddy, if the doctor isnt helping your dad, cant you change doctors? see another doctor at the surgery or change to a different surgery? As crazylady said, give BLF a call too.

I wish you luck, it isnt very nice when you arent getting any help, most of the time i feel like hitting my head against a brick wall, although my doc referred me for rehab, but thats all.

I am hating this heat as i am having more problems than usual in doing things and my chest is tight and hurting, but i dont have anyone to help me do things, i have to do everything by myself, what i cant do, its too bad.

san x

Hi ive told my dad to change doctors now especially after yesterday. We are also going to put a complaint in. We are gonna call BLF a call today.Thank you for your help, Take care xx

Hi Paddy, where are you?

Your dads doctors attitude sounds disgusting, there are many things that can ease his symptoms, Oxygen for one.

As KL above says a good point to start is BLF give them a ring if you haven’t already

Good luck to you and your dad


Hi Dave my dad lives in Trimley-st-Mary, thank you

Have a look for your nearest NHS PCT, and then their PALS (Patient Advice and Liaison Services) office -

They should be able to advise on how to get the second opinion you require.

The BLF helpline is also a good option, they have no doubt come across this before.

Thank you

Hi Paddy so sorry for your Dad's predicament, if you attend with your Dad insist he be referred to a respiratory consultant explaining his symptoms as you have done here, and keep on top of that. Make an appointment (a telephone appointment will do) every 2 weeks if there is no need for physical attendance and keep asking the doctor if he can chase up your Dad's referral to the hospital's respiratory consultant.

Your Dad should be on some sort of medication to help ease his symptoms, also ask for a referral to a pulmonary rehabilitation course, I hope you will be able to attend with your Dad as it will help both of you how to manage his symptoms and what to look out for regarding lung infections etc. The PR course will help give him back some quality of life also.

As already suggested do phone the BLF helpline for further guidance on this and ways that can help your Dad further.

Thank you for looking out for him, a family member support makes all the difference.

Bless you.


Hi zoee, thank you so much for your reply.

We are going to call the BLF today and we are also going to see about getting him referred to a respiratory consultant.

Thank you so much


Hi paddy - I've posted a PR video, you might like to view with your Dad:

Thank you Zoee

Hi Paddy,

Your dad should be getting help for his condition , if he is getting very out of breath it could be dangerous , is he on medication ?? . Is he the type of man that will play down his condition at the docs ??? i know some people have such a positive outlook that they try to ignore their condition , perhaps being accompanied would be the answer if that is the case , if not maybe change doctor xx , your dad is entitled to help bless you xxxx Dinny xxxx


My dad is always out of breath and all the doctors say is to exercise but because of his breathing he cant. He doesnt play down his condition my mum usually goes in the doctors with my dad and she tells the doctor whats happening but they just dont seem to care! Every morning he has to get washed in stages, he will wash have to sit down then go back, brush his teeth then rest again. It is also very noticible to people around and thank God there are some lovely people out there who have helped my dad whens hes been out on his own and gets out of breath.

Thank you xxx

Nearest hospital with a unit:


Thank you

hi paddy you must get your dad to change doctors i had exactly same treatment from previous doctors went to new doctors told them what i wanted finally got a very good practice nurse after 6 years of totally inadequate treatment i have got every thing i wanted i am seeing consultant and she put me on spiriva and was like your dad totally different life now i am even exercising now i told the nurse they were getting the brunt of 6 years of bad treatment from nhs and she agreed with me i even walked 2 miles without rest the other day be forceful but not nasty explain fully how you feel think of it as if you are paying for cash over the counter as you are not getting treated for nothing like me life can be a lot more improved i wish you good luck you have right on your side

Thank you so much for your reply it has given my dad hope. Were so glad that you have been helped and hopefully the same will happen for my dad.

no worries i know for a fact that life can be better for your dad and wish you good luck

sorry to hear that your dad is suffering .

lots of good advice already given ,act on it!

glad to hear of another family caring together

good luck

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