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OK all- I know it's a pain in the a** people asking for sponsorship and everyone seems to be doing something or other right now. But I would really appreciate you taking the time to look at our virgin money giving page below- read our blogs and then if the cause inspires you- donate- every pound means so much to us.

The 3 National Peaks is looming so please show your support by visiting and sharing the site below..


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Thanks Parvati- and thanks for the donation- I am never ceased to be amazed by people's generosity..

hope you're taking care xx


Hi Parvatt,

please can you say a big thanks to your daughter Izzy for her kind donation to the charity walk. I was genuinly touched. x

Hope you are well


Will do ;) she's got her two last A levels this week and then we can breathe a sigh of relief until results time! Good luck with the training - not long to go now! P.


I know .. have taken the week off to do some training!

good luck with the A-Levels.. I will keep everything crossed for her!!



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