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Diet Plan to help with Asthma Control?

Does anyone have an tried and tested diet plan they can recommend to help with asthma control. I've read and heard about how various things can be of help, but need a plan I can stick to.

I've heard the Acid Diet is supposed to be good, but can't find any set plans for this. I've also tried dairy free, which again, if stuck to, seems to help. I'd be very grateful for any advice you have. Thanks!

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Thanks for this Digger2, I thought you were going to suggest a tyrannosaurus burger!

I guess the natural caveman/woman diet makes sense when you think of all the preservatives etc that go into everyday foods - will have to give it a go.

Hi Toni

I went on one type of diet as recommended by a specialist without actually knowing if these food groups were the cause of my problems. Food exclusion on your own is very difficult, if you feel that food may well be the cause of your health difficulties I would urge you to get the support of the appropriate people to sort out an appropriate diet. The result of my special diet was feeling worse because I was missing out on so many vitamins and nutrients.

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