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Ups and downs

Its been an "interesting" week, fairly stressful but we seem to be coming out the other side now. Hubby has struggled emotionally but I am happy too say that he is going to his GP to get some help. It took a while but he has admitted that he is feeling depressed which is completely understandable with what he is dealing with. He has an appointment next week at the COPD clinic too which gives a little relief that we are not being left high and dry.

He is feeling fairly breathless but is trying to exercise a little everyday but is still refusing any inhalers. He feels that once he begins with these he will need them forever and he is managing at the moment. He is still bring up a little blood from time to time.

We have an appointment next week with Princess Royal Carers who have offered support and will help with our DLA application.

Feeling more positive today so making the most of these moments.

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You and your husband seem to be taking all the right steps to improved quality of life Redfraggle. Do tell your husband from me that using the inhalers will benefit him enormously and it's a small price to pay for improved breathing and less stress. I have nebulisers every 4 hours (I use a very discreet portable nebuliser if I'm out and about) and 2 inhalers and know that without them I wouldn't even be able to get out of the house.

Good luck with the upcoming appointments and with the DLA application.


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ooh, please tell us more about your discreet portable nebuliser.


I bought one of these recently via eBay and it's proving really useful :)

There is a second hand one available at the moment, currently bids stand at £15 with just 21 hours to go !

These machines are very quite and can be operated either from a mains socket or rechargeable battery and they also come with an adapter for use in the car.

Hope you find this information useful julie :)


thanks, just got one :)


Always glad to help if I can :)


The heat won't be helping him to exercise, but inhalers will help open the airways - helping his breathing Val


Glad to hear that things look a bit better. My husband was just the same - refusing inhalers and actually although they helped him - it was only after the pulmonary rehab that he is starting to use them properly and understand the benefits of them. It is so difficult when you feel depressed to do anything - massive step forward if he knows he is feeling down. Good luck TAD xx


So glad things are feeling better for you today.

What elian is saying is worth explaining to your husband again. He will be able to achieve so more with the inhaler medicine. Breathing easy, walking better, and if he puts his new improved breathing and ability to exercise to good use, I'm sure this will go a long way to help improve the way he is currently feeling.

Its good he is attending the COPD clinic next week, whilst there maybe ask them to explain about the inhalers and how much they can help improve breathing and quality of life.

Good wishes for your appointment next week with Princess Royal Carers and good luck with your DLA application, its great you are getting help with this.


I'm only in the early stages of COPD and have also been diagnosed with asthma so I was put on inhalers immediately. To be honest I'm not sure how much they are working but I'm sure they are to some extent. I know this sounds very vague. I've found excercise is excellent and if I do this as well as take my inhaler I feel far better than if I don't excercise and still take my inhaler. I'd say to your husband take them, it can only make him feel better.


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