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Exercise Equipment Question

Hi Gang

Following on from my Gym question,I wonder if someone could answer this for me.

I have COPD and Bronchiectasis,thought I do not consider myself to be cronic,well I can't be too bad if I go to the gym.

What piece of equipment would be the best for me to have at home?

I live in a Bungalow,so I don't have a lot of room.

I am thinking Exercise Bike or treadmill,but which would do me most good.



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I should imagine either of those would be healthy exercise asimmd, but the treadmill would take up much more space - I know, because I had one and ended up selling it as I kept tripping up over the blasted thing. (I live in a small bungalow too and the machine was huge !!)

Good for you though, in having an exercise regime. I rely on my WiiFit and can't always manage that !

Keep on keeping on :)


Thank you for the replies,one of my exercises I did today was sit to stand.

I have not done these since my PR course,I was quite pleased I did 32 in 2 minutes,and felt I could have continued.

I must admit to liking the Treadmill more than the bike,I never thought of looking on ebay but aren't they are mostly collection only.

I will look in JJB Sports,they advertise them,I need to get an idea of physical size.



I have a Carl Lewis exercise bike in my bedroom, which had the usual capabilities (calorie counter, pulse rate monitor, speed,distance etc) but doesn't really take up a huge amount of room. It's hard to describe,but it has tall upright handles which makes it quite compact.

I have to say that it's very handy for hanging clothes on and such like. It's particularly good to play at helicopters on (my three year old grandson - not me). It's also a nice shiny black bike! However, it's not used nearly enough for the purpose it was designed for :))

One of these days!


Treadmill will give you best value for money and health


I think it fair to say that my first choice would be a Treadmill,but living in a Bungalow means I am stuck for somewhere to put it.

Second choice is the bike,but I need to go to a store where I can see these things in the flesh,that way I will have a better idea of the physical size.



Hi, I got my foldable manual treadmill half price from argos and they do offer home delivery. Though I haven't yet folded away so not sure how easy that is but mine has a slight incline and you do feel it when using it, I do anyway. I only have a small house and until having my recent dampproofing,(currently keeping the plaster aerated) treadmill was set up so I can walk whilst watching tv.


Hi,my daughter has just bought herself a cross trainer of which I had a very short go of yesterday.....never again,my other half said he heard me moaning in pain all night long..every single joint in my body ached,and still,although I was only on it for 30 seconds,i couldn't breathe when I got off it.

Good luck.


My respiratory nurse at pulmonary rehab suggested a Pedal exerciser, its fantasitic cost £19.99 plus postage from who are basically Lloyds Pharmacy.

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