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my dad and copd

hi everyone

this is about my dad and me

About 4 years ago i started work as auxiliary nurse in Devon. my dad was going on holiday for a month with my mum but before he went he started get a cold and became worse while he was away. he had asks his gp would he fit enuff to and "he said yes" he ended up with pneumonia and this made him give up smoking which am very proud of. on his return he went back to his gp whom just fobbed him of and he rung me to ask me a few things. i spoke to a doctor whom i was working and he told me he need an x-ray on chest which my dad told his gp "he said " if your daughter knows such get her to teat you. i didnt no what to say to my dad but he got his x-ray but no results ask he kept asking his gp. 4 years on my dad as been told he as copd but it is now at gold 4 which is very server i did tell him this over the phone but my dad is stubben like most men he didnt keep on as his doctor.

i was standing in my living yesterday and just thought that my mum would be ringing me to give me bad news about him. so before i new it i was ringing my mum which she told me that my dad is very poorly so all ive done is read up on copd as am not working in the hospital anymore due to my poor health. i was told i have fibromyalgia which is a chronic pain disease. i never used to get on with my dad as he always want to tell me how to run my life even though i am 38 years old but i think thats just dadS in general. i dont live close to my parents i live around 260 miles away but thats ok as i drive and will be dropping everything if he is not any better tomorrow. i had to write this just to give doing something even if it is 2 am it makes me feel a little better than just doing nothing am so grateful to be able to write this so people no that you have to keep on with the doctors to get good results and to be told what is wrong with them. am of to try and get some sleep cos ive got along drive but will keep you all posted on how my dad is doing.

good night all x

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What a dreadful situation to be in. I hope that you got some sleep and I hope that your Dad is feeling better this morning. There is lots and lots of advise available especially through the BLF website. I suppose you need to know exactly what meds your father is on, what care he is getting and what is available in his area. Perhaps his doctor will talk to you. Good luck. Auntymary x

Hi, I know where the stubborn thing is coming from. Yes most of us males are that way inclined. 3 years ago whiel on a holiday in Nth Wales, I was finding it harder each day to even walk up and down the smallest of hills, that was in the October. That winter going outside was really hard as the weather made me feel breatless. So after a lot of nagging I went to see my GP. He sent me for an X Ray, ( to rule out Cancer), so I spent a few reatless nights worrying. When I did see the GP, " you havnt got cancer you have COPD" gave me some inhalers and see me in 6 weeks. That was it. Before I could ask what is COPD, it was " NEXT " So I used this here machine to find out all I could, some things were helpful others , not. I only reasently contacted the B L F regards benifits, as the goverment now want to take away my Incapacity Benifit, althought one of thier doctors said Im unfit, some OIKE at DWP HQ disagrees with the doctor. I found the BLF brilliant and very helpful. 15 miles away a Breath Easy group has just this week been set up, so that those of us and our famils can get support. What ever stage a person is at. Try phoning the BLF and ask if there is a Breath Easy group near you. Carrers and loved ones need as much support. At all times we're all here for you and your Dad.

Hi i know how you feel im in the same situation with my Dad .Its so hard seeing them struggling .My dad is currently bed bound with a severe chest infection and has been for 3 weeks .Im hoping he picks up abit soon .My dad has a copd nurse that comes to his house to check on him ,shes also got a machine being fitted at his this week , which tell them all his sats through blue tooth so they can keep an eye on him .Ive been searching on the internet for days about things i can do to help him etc .I hope you have arrived safetly with your dad today from SAM

Hi Dot. Hope you managed to get some rest before your drive and that your dad is feeling a bit better. I also hope you get some answers from his doctors. I always think knowing what's happening is half the battle. Take care.

thank you very much for your comments. i am pleased to say my dad has pick up and feeling alot better ive been in contact with my mum over the phone for that last few days and she as said not to go up because ive not been well myself. so am going to say home and at least i can speak to mum through skype and if my dad dose have another turn for the worse again i will defo go up but at the minute am staying home as my 15 yr son is about to do his exams

at school.

It is good he has picked up Val

Glad to hear he has picked up. The trouble with COPD can be one day you're OK and the next you are not even when you don't have an infection. Hope your son does well in his exams! TAD x

Hi All

dot080927 after reading your good news that your dad has picked up worried that you may risk your own health to travel. This would give your mother two people to worry about difficult as it is you need to find a balance.

Best Wishes Robert

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