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Speechless in Gratitude

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Firstly a BIG heartfelt thankyou to all you lung buddies out there who have taken the time to listen and reply to my moans you have really kept me going. Now for the good news !! Arrived at hospital poor hubby could hardly make it out of car nevermind help me. A wonderful volunteer saw him struggling came straight over 5min later safe in hospital being looked after by brilliant nursing staff Consultant heard l was here popped his head in to say hello. Saw Consultant properly who explained everything to both of us arranged for hubby to have coffee and biscuits before he attempted drive home. I am now settled on ward being cared for and for the first time in a long while feeling safe and in good hands. This was our magnificent NHS at it's very best x

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Getting ready for work Delamere! Hey darling, good morning ♥️ fantastic news! So glad you feel looked after now! May all go well for you today! Tell your husband well done for driving 50 miles! God bless and have a great day please 👍👍👍😘

Thankyou same to you x

So pleased for you. What a relief. When it works well the NHS is the best.Lots of love

Kate xxx

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Delamere in reply to Katinka46


It's great your husband saved the day by driving you to your appointment. I hope everything goes well for you 😊

Good news at last Delamere. I hope your husband made it home safely.

Thinking of you safely tucked up in hospital being looked after thank goodness. Hope everything goes well for you dear lady. Love and hugs. Xxx🤗❤️💜

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Delamere in reply to sassy59

Thankyou x

That’s really good Delamere. I hope that you will soon be feeling better. X

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Delamere in reply to Littlepom

Thankyou x

Aww bless you! I have been thinking of you and wondering how it went! That’s great to hear! Aww, your dear husband driving! Sounds like eventually everything worked out positively! 🤗🥰😘

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Delamere in reply to madonbrew

It did thankyou for your support x

Wow you sound in much better spirits and marvellous that youre being looked after so well. Very best wishes for your stay and bless that husband of yours for getting you there (and I hope home safely 😬). 💐 🌹 🌸 🏵 🌼 💐

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Delamere in reply to peege

Thankyou x

Greatness- hope your husband feels better now too. Good luck going forward x

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I'm pleased you are being looked after and I hope all goes well for you. Well done to your husband for driving all that way. Have a good day and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx

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Delamere in reply to Damon1864

Thankyou Cherry on the cake therecwas a little doggy in seeing his mummy made my day x

Thank goodness you're getting the treatment you need and deserve. Hope all goes well and they can come up with something positive. Hope your husband is recovering from his heroic effort. xxxx

I'm so pleased your getting the treatment you need . Round of applause 👏 for you and hubby both for making the journey...

Please take care of you and rest ..

Stay positive 💜💜

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Delamere in reply to Blackbird8

Thankyou so much for your support xx

That's great news Delamere. Trust all goes well for you now and you have a good nights rest. I guess hubby will be so relieved. Take care xxx😊

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Oshgosh in reply to HollyBoyd

I’m so relieved that things have worked out.Well done to your husband for doing the drive x

So glad to hear you got there eventually, and hubby had his coffee and biscuits. Now, relax and get better!

Well done both of you ,so pleased and proud of you.Now concentrate on getting better soon.x

That’s a relief that you got there for your appointment. Your husband is a true hero and I hope that you can both have some rest. Grace

Brilliant news, all best wishes to both of you.

Oh thank goodness you got to appointment well done husband!!! Did he get back ok? I bet he was exhausted. I'm so glad you feel safe and hopeful there, that's half the battle really isn't it. I hope you manage some rest, and I hope things work out lovely. X

I’m so glad that you made it safely to the hospital. Well done to your husband for driving you there! Your treatment when you eventually arrived at the hospital sounds like the NHS at its best!

That is so heartwarming to hear at a time when NHS knocking seems to be the in thing I can't praise my Drs surgery and West Yorkshire Hospitals enough for the way they are looking after me take care enjoy the rest xxx

Hi So pleased your hubby managed to get you there okay. Rest now and concentrate on getting better. John 🤗🤗

Feeling Safe , I’m glad to hear that xx

Hope Every Thing Goes Well Take Care Keep Safe 🖤🖤

So good to hear - hope both of you get all the help you need xxx

Great news Delamere and good to hear the nhs are behaving as they should do, arranging coffee and biscuits perhaps above an beyond but so nice to hear. I wish you all the best and hope things go well for you x

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