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This is Bruce

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Hello Lungies this is Bruce and you can watch him grow!!

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Hello Bruce! What a lovely boy you are. Look forward to watching him grow. Thank you so much for posting his photo SH. Xxxx🤩🤗💖💜

Thanks Sassy59 and its a puppy that has to be calorie controlled or else his tummy would soon be touching the floor. He's so much fun and being my son's dog, he's responsible for him. Because of my "paperlike skin:.I've to be ever on my guard for his big paws have sharp nails and I've already got a handfull of cuts !!! Regardless we still talk about Hazel and wish she could havr bern ours at Bruce's age.🐿🌈😷x

I can well imagine how the eating could get out of control. You can enjoy Bruce without the responsibility. It’s nice to have dogs at that age but do take care. I’m sure Hazel is watching over you all, bless her. 🌈🥰😘🤗👍

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peege in reply to SquirrelsHolt

Hi SH, this may help....I wear double thickness tubigrip on lower arms to protect from skin rips - particularly when visiting my daughter's 2 dogs who jump up. Then always have Steristrips handy to stick down any rips that do occur to reduce scarring. The tubigrip i cur to size and put in with the white wash. Gorgeous Bruce!

Oh isn't he gorgeous? Puppies grow so quickly so just enjoy watching and being with him. If you regularly take photos of him you will see the changes. It will be interesting for us to see too.Thanks for posting the first photo of a lovely new member of our Group.


To quote another famous Bruce's catchphrase“'Nice to see you... to see you nice'

I imagine he will grow to be very large my Nutty friend? and consume an awful lot of food whilst doing so?

Love Ski's and not Bruce Scruff's

🙃😻 x

Hello Bruce, look forward to watching you grow. He looks like a lovely dog. Thank you for sharing him with us.💜🥰😍

He's gorgeous. It looks as though you are going to have lots of fun with him. Twinkle sends love and cuddles.

He's a handsome gentleman!

Is he spoilt?

Our ginger tabby baby who is 17 is extremely spoilt!

Oh what a dog! He's gorgeous and I hope you have lots of fun with him! Sorry to hear about Hazel, it is such a wrench when they go xx

How lovable, but I can see mischief in those eyes 😂 It's going to be lovely watching him grow 👍Xxx

Hello Bruce, Oh my I could easily fall in love with you Beautiful boy. Holly 🤗❤️X

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Awe he's beautiful, thank you for sharing him with us. It will be a pleasure watching him grow up. Have a lovely evening and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx

Awww he is adorable! He has got those eyes that will mealt your heart & biscuit tin lol

Wow! That is one sturdy pup SH, you can see he is already full of character. I hope you do keep posting photos for us to watch him grow. I see that you have already experienced our thin skin problem, I used to come back from my daughters with my arms covered in purple patches among the cuts and scratches. Now long thick sleeves are the order of the day. 😃 I think Bruce is going to ensure that you are not troubled by unsavoury characters. Make sure you have him with you when you answer the door. 🌈❤😷x

Oh my 😍 I am in love 😍 LOL 😅 such cutie. Remind me of my childhood, I grew up with a Boxer lovely breed very friendly. Looking forward to seeing him growing up 😊👍

He really is adorable SH, have fun. Like MELNEL I also grew up with Boxers, such great characters xxx

My Mother had a Boxer when she and Dad were "courting", the Boxer had been trained to protect her, Everything went fine, the 2 weeks on honeymoon in their little cottage fine. Then Dad went back to work. The first night he let himself in with his own front door key, found himself pinned, at the shoulders, to the inside of the door, with a very fierce Boxer asking him who the hell he thought he was.

haha, Believe me when I say, HE will grow, a lot.My son had one and it was very affectionate and really good with the children, the only problem with it it would get in a real stat if it had not seen you for a while.

Hope the two of you will be very happy together. lovely he is!! What a beauty! How old is he? 😊👍

He’s adorable ❤️ xx

Awww hello Bruce

Is he a boxer or American bull dog ? my son has 3 American bulls and they look very similar to that handsome chap.

What a gorgeous boy he is. Welcome Bruce from Jax and my Bertie 🐶 x

Hi Squirrel, so glad you've got him. xxx

He is adorable. He's going to be a big boy. Look forward to seeing him grow up. X x😍

What a cutie, he looks so cuddly 🥰

He's a smasher🐶

Hello Bruce aren't you gorgeous. Haven't you got big paws. Regular clipping for you then. He is saying "well are we going to play with this ball. I am fed up of waiting." 😆

Lol, he looks like a bailiff from " can't pay we take it away".

Aww How Lovely Boxer Or Bulldog One Of My Dogs Is A Pug Called Captain Pugwash Pugwash For Short .. Bruce Is Lovely Many Many Happy Times To Come

Pugwash 😂😂🖤🖤

What a gorgeous boy he is Squirrelsholt, I can imagine him being a barrel load of fun. Think its a good idea from Peege to wear sterigrip to protect your arms. Have fun and keep sending photos of him growing up x

Aw, what a cutie! Lots of character in that face!

What a sweet boy.

He is precious 🐞

What a cutie and definitely a charmer. Looking forward to more photos Xx

Gosh he’s a definite Bruce! I can imagine you have to be careful when he’s playful. Gorgeous!

Ohhhhhhh I haven't been about to catch up for a while ... he is just beautiful and what a fantastic name so pleased for you 💜💜💜