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Such a wonderful forum, to be able to get true, scientific research facts when questions are raised

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when you close your eyes to doubtful information. If members do not want to know real facts from accredited sources then surely they would not ask. It is positively cruel to mislead people.

I admit not all my links are great uplifting news, knowledge is power. It is not my job or aim to censor the truth and provide a view through rose tinted glasses or provide false hope. I do not nor will I ever make a false report that a cure for a Lung Disease has been found when it has not or denial of the truth, just to make people feel good, just how cruel would that be?

I make no apologies for telling the true accredited, up to date research facts or correcting to doubtful information. There would be little point to my finding and posting those links otherwise.

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I have never had any reason to question the validity of you or your links my friend. I value them for the great info they provide. Who is disputing them?

Thank you for the info you provide 2greys. Enjoy your weekend. Xxx

Why do you feel you have to explain the contents of your posts 2greys?. I have nothing but respect for the continued research you do, then to post your findings on the forum for us to share. They are always interesting and informative and I look forward to reading them.

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2greys in reply to RoadRunner44

Somebody? does not like to be told the truth or be corrected. They appear to confuse support with doubtful and unreliable information, glossing over the facts, be that deliberately or not. Whilst I am not formally medically trained, I do read all the research and studies and understand them, that I find and I do remember them as well. I do however consider myself medically informed and literate and perfectly capable of passing on that knowledge to others though.

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hypercat54 in reply to 2greys

Yes. And you do that very well. x

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Ern007 in reply to 2greys

We are not doctors 2greys however many have us have many years experience gained dues to personal experience or living people with medical conditions. We can offer advice based on our experience but none of use would dare to diagnose.

I have read lots of your posts and all are fine - I really can't see anything to cause offence with your posting.

Just carry on as you have been.....

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RoadRunner44 in reply to 2greys

Some people, like yourself, enjoy researching factual information but you are always articulate with your choices ensuring it is interesting and relevant. So this person has said something upsetting and is obviously trying to undermine you. I know what you would say to any other member who had had a similar experience, so put it behind you. You know very well what you do is real and helpful. You also need to have a literate, knowledgeable mind to wade through the mine fields of medical information. Exactly like you do! Enough said!

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2greys in reply to RoadRunner44

I do get a personal benefit from it as being occupational therapy.

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RoadRunner44 in reply to 2greys

Then thats a bonus!

Yes I agree. I don't understand half of the things he posts but I do know they are never dodgy and full of factual information. x

I agree with those who already replied. Your posts are interesting amd trustworthy. I enjoy reading them

All good with me 👍

2greys, I don't know what prompted your post but I find your posts of interest, very informative and knowledgeable and appreciate that you go to the trouble to find the research that you do and for keeping us informed. Personally I look forward to reading your posts. If someone has a problem they don't have to read them, they can just jog on and leave our community alone. 👍👍👍 xx

Yes, i agree with all the member's who've replied, in that we welcome your impartial links to all things lung related. 🐿🌈😷

I want to know real facts from accredited sources and you do an amazing job routing out all this research many of us find useful and interesting, many of which we wouldn’t have probably had access to. So thank you 2g -much appreciated.

Such a wonderful forum for accuracy and transparency😉

Love cx

Hi, I always feel your links are appropriately referenced.Sometimes it’s positive,other times nit so positive,but it’s backed up by science. Take care.

I agree with everything everyone above has said 2greys. So another vote of appreciation from me

I can't imagine anyone doubting the authenticity of anything you post 2G. Is this about me telling a new member not to worry about something they had read somewhere?

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2greys in reply to Don-1931

Same post Don, but nothing to do with what you have said, which I notice has now disappeared into the ether, but I do have an excellent memory and recall the relevant URL of the rather doubtful information written by a non medical person and reviewed by a single MD not an Oncologist or a Pulmonologist but an ordinary MD on what really is, a commercial site. The article was also 4 years old, I corrected the information with up to date peer reviewed research from Thorax in The BMJ. Someone then threw an uncontrolled spat telling me not to make replies to their post etc and also made a veiled individual post later. As I said the truth will always out and my memory rarely fails me, especially if I have read it.

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Annie31 in reply to 2greys

Sorry 2greys, didn't realise you had replied to Don!

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Annie31 in reply to 2greys

Much against my better judgement, I am going to add my five eggs, having had a run-in previously with this member myself. To quote yourself, the 'uncontrolled spats' are regular accompanied by the instruction not to reply to their posts, ie 'talk to the hand', followed almost always by the 'veiled individual post' minutes or hours later! I have seen this on innumerable occasions now and the same 'modus operandi', which tells me this person cannot stand being disagreed with, it can't be dropped unless they have the last word. Mysteriously posts tend to get pulled or deleted as well. What I don't understand is how some members on here don't seem to recognise this pattern of behaviour. What I don't do on here anymore is comment on anyone's post if this person has made a comment as I find I rarely agree with their comments and it will picked be up on and replied to inviting an argument I don't want to get into. That leaves a bad taste in my mouth! This is not the purpose of a forum in my eyes.

I don't profess to understand all the scientific jargon in some of the research papers you post, but I never make comments on any condition either myself or my daughters suffer from unless I know it to be factually correct or we have proven to be true in our cases. I've always remembered the teaching of my English Literature lecturer which was don't ever write about something you don't know enough about - in other words a little knowledge is a dangerous thing!

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2greys in reply to Annie31

I can only say 'ten out of ten'. That is a smack on assessment in my opinion. I wonder if any one else caught their reply to this very post and then promptly deleted it thereby having 'the last say'. Let it be known to them that I have the email notification to that deleted post and also the mods also have that same access. I bet that they did not know that little fact.

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Annie31 in reply to 2greys

Thank you kind sir! It's a good job someone is on the ball around here!

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2greys in reply to Annie31

As I have said a few times "The truth will always out".

PS You can drop the 'sir', I am nobody's sir, just a mere mortal like everyone else. No offence taken or given :)

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Annie31 in reply to Don-1931

No Don - not directly with anything you said!

It's always very informative what you posted. If I have no interest in it I don't read it. So don't stop my friend 😄 I value them, I don't always do research on certain things, so it's always a plus when I see something next day, and say hey, that's really interesting, I didn't know anything about it. So don't stop, keep up the good stuff LOL 😘🌹🌹🥂

If someone doesn't value the information, it's not your fault. As well you have not written it yourself.

I also agree 2G - your posts are very useful. I was confused when I first read your post then realised someone must have objected. Well you can see from these replies what we feel about your posts. Long may they continue :) :)

I just always saw it as you wishing to share all relevant research you find then we have the choice of clicking the link or not. I for one appreciate it.

2G, as someone else that reads around topics in a broad fashion and loves getting into a peer-reviewed paper, I gain a huge amount from your posts. You are absolutely right that incorrect information, however well intentioned, is harmful and should always be appropriately challenged - if the person being challenged doesn’t like it, that’s their problem, and should perhaps lead them to some reflection. I’m not around much at all atm, but when I do come on, I genuinely always check your profile to see what links you’ve put up in posts, be those breakthroughs or less uplifting topics. Reality is rarely overwhelmingly positive, but knowledge is always for the greater good.

Don’t let people that only ever use one website get you down.

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2greys in reply to Charlie_G

Thank you, I also respect your knowledge as well, learning from other respected member's knowledge is as important as reading research papers. I wish I could afford to get access to all the papers behind the restrictive paywalls too.

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Charlie_G in reply to 2greys

You and me, both! Paywalls drive me genuinely batty, and I don’t understand why papers from 5 years ago, never mind 30 years ago, need to be pay to view given the speed at which our scientific understanding changes. I got into a ‘spat’ with someone on a different board the other week who was offering potentially very harmful advice from a well intentioned, but highly outdated and disproven place. Having politely explained why they were wrong, the reply I got was a snotty ‘please link to the peer-reviewed papers supporting this’. Unfortunately, most of the relevant papers were subscription access only, but the summaries gave the conclusions, and I did find 3 papers that could be accessed in full. The spectacular thing, though, was that they completely ignored the papers and still tried to persist with their view being correct 🤦‍♂️ The conclusion I came to was that as hard as we may try, there really is no helping some people.

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2greys in reply to Charlie_G

The other problem with paywall articles is the copyright issue with them, not being in the public domain, you could not post the contents of them.

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Katinka46 in reply to Charlie_G

There was a very good paper on OB in New England Journal of Medicine. But I could only get the summary then I came across the full item on a post about a conference in Holland I leapt on it and grabbed it!!! Yay!!! Got it and bugger the paywall!Kx

I have never doubted the authenticity of your posts and links. They are always from very reputable sources. I read those that are relevant to my own interests and I have asked you for help to research some complex matters as I trust your judgement.I am sorry that you have had some negativity, you do not deserve it.

Keep going

All the best

Kate xx

Another supporter here, 2Gs. You really do keep us all very well informed and connected to useful research articles. A lot of us read them without much comment, but I assure you we’re reading!! Thanks once more 🙏

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2greys in reply to Yatzy

Oh I do know that they are read, possibly by more flies on the wall, non-members ,than actual active members which is why I will never lock my posts, made available to everyone. Just my small contribution to help the world go round, well that is the theory anyway.

I just wish that when I correct someone else's reply containing doubtful information they see it for what it is 'a correction' to their reply and do not see it as a personal attack. If I wanted to waste my life to make a personal attack then it would be a 'no punches withheld' one and totally unmistaken as such by anyone. I just want the correct info being given. As Charlie_G has said "hard as we may try, there really is no helping some people."

I am glad to see what your posts on research say. Keep us informed, many of us appreciate accurate updates on latest findings.

Ignore the ignorant, they are really not worth it. Please keep posting the excellent links that as you can see we all appreciate very much 😊

Please continue to post. I find your posts very informative,and am so glad you share your research with us .Thank you.

Please carry on posting. Surely we are all adult enough to know whether or not to read the posts....! I know when I am having a rough day I don’t read the post because not mentally able on that day. Other times I do read.I especially like the fact you use scientifically approved sites. My dad who is a biochemist explained to me a long time ago the dangers of the internet and to consider specific sites as opposed to others. Mainly due to dodgy information and unreliable sources.

Having said which I wouldn’t dismiss an article just because it is old. Sometimes science hasn’t moved on in a productive way. Something my 85yr old dad regularly discusses with me.

Most of us here obviously want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Living in a fairly loony household and with a limited time each day when I am awake and fully compos mentis I do not have the time or energy to research medical journals myself. So I truly value your research 2 greys. There are people on this forum whose posts I truly value because they are more knowledgeable than me or because they are writing truthfully from their own experience. One thing: the truth should be delivered kindly and tactfully. I had a dear friend who could not tell her husband at first that his illness was terminal. As his illness progressed he accepted it. Some medical people are not as wise as my friend. You are very wise 2G. Please keep posting. Love, Alberta. xxxxx

I can only echo what others have said. Keep up the good work!

I can only agree with what has been said by members as above. I for one am grateful that you keep us updated x

I appreciate relevant and recent scientific information and I'd be sorry if it stopped.

Please keep posting your valuable information 2greys, I really like reading your contributions. Members who don’t appreciate them don’t need to read them. Is there an unwritten law that we’re not allowed to jump in on other people’s answers? I’ve been told off by someone in the past, as if no one else is allowed to comment on a private correspondence!

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Annie31 in reply to Croydonia

Apparently there is! 🤔

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2greys in reply to Annie31

Hmm. apparently telling a person that their post is inaccurate, misleading and is possibly dangerous is derogatory, I cannot see that saying that they lack the educational knowledge in the specialised subject area or even have any personal experience is derogatory either. Pretending to be knowledgable, is in my view, tantamount to fraud. Posting a dodgy link written by an independent journalist to support their own mis-concepted view is not valid proof any more than an anti-vaxxer writing their article is proof of concept. Perhaps a taking a little more care in examining the author's credentials, before posting it as fact, may have avoided the situation and what I assume is their embarrassment by the nature of their uncontrolled spat . Research is not just about finding a dodgy article with Dr Google, the source has to be validated as well. Cue the violins, I stand by my what I have said.

Of course they are quite welcome to email Thorax, in The BMJ to argue and disagree with the research, I would not and cannot stop them from doing that.

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Annie31 in reply to 2greys

Absolutely, there is a great deal of difference between personal derogatory comments and comments made in line with subject matter. You hadn't turned it into a personal vendetta so I don't understand the reasoning behind that accusation at all. As you imply, this can be chased up and verified if so desired.

When I come on here, which is usually every morning, I look out for your posts. I don't always read them, but I keep an eye out for them because I feel I can rely on you to highlight anything we really should be aware of. I trust your posts because you clearly do a lot of research which I would never do myself and you identify your sources.

In my opinion, it is right to question the content of any research (eg who did it, is it still current or has it been superseded by something more recent, is it from a trusted source) and, if it may have an impact on us directly, we should be prepared to dig further or ask our medics for more info. But that is just me and others like to just accept the written word without questioning it. Each to their own view.

I am sorry that you have had a run in with someone on here. I had a similar experience a short while back - I don't know who your spat was with so it may or may not have been the same person. I apologised for upsetting them but received an unpleasant reply back. I came to the conclusion that the person was having a bad day and whatever I said to try and put things right was not going to be accepted - so I left them to it and moved on. Some people just like to have a go, I think. I have made a mental note of their name and will not bother with their posts in future.

Please keep posting your links, 2greys. I think you can see from the response so far that many of us value the time and effort you put in to finding the information for us all.

xx Moy

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Annie31 in reply to MoyB

You got it! Down to a 'T'! Don't ever apologise!

As you say Knowledge is power & I’m glad that you are there searching it out ..

The information you provide is always relevant and fact based. Thank you. John

Keep on with your posting as I read them take care

Your posts are what I return to and value. Scientific research is what this forum should be about, certainly more so than news about some dog, cat or other such trivia.Keep up the good work. Most of us value what you are doing!

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2greys in reply to Bunski

What I can say about the 'trivia' is that it can keep people connected together, more inclusive, enable them to make a reply and also help make the forum more active. There are some other other lung forums that have all but died through the lack of activity. There is room for both the lighter hearted subjects and the more serious technical side.

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Annie31 in reply to 2greys

Absolutely and some 'trivia' is the difference between life and death for some members on this or any other forum!

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CDPO16 in reply to Annie31

True Annie. I have learnt a lot by being a member of this forum not least from 2grey's excellent posts but it is the light hearted side to this forum that gets me through the bad days and helps me to keep some semblance of sanity. I am a member of several other forums but I do feel that the level of support and camaraderie here is outstanding.

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Annie31 in reply to CDPO16

Yes Carole, I love the photos - I love being reminded by members like Blackbird that there is a life outside my window, I love the fact we can exchange memories with those who are not fed up with hearing them!😂😂 I love seeing the pets, the poems and the banter that comes with it alongside the knowledge that is shared on here. I wouldn't be here if that's all there was, I find that all a bit depressing at times. Life is entirely too serious at times x

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MoyB in reply to 2greys

I totally agree. Xx Moy

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Alberta56 in reply to Bunski

I like the research and I like the trivia- can't we have both?

Thank you for your posts 2greys They often add to an area that I have been exploring. I really appreciate the time you must spend to weed out information and be able to present the synopsis of it that you do.

I am sorry that you have had a difficult experience from that person who made contact with you butI am sure that that negativity is becoming a distant memory under all the grateful posts that are here. Grace

Just carry on as before, nothing you do needs changing. xJax🐶

I appreciate yr time and effort sharing info and articles.thanku 2greys

Your posts are always based on fact. Based on science and research. Not on wishful thinking. Knowledge is power and more of it to your elbow.

There is nothing wrong in telling the truth sweetheart

What everyone else said! 😀

Keep doing what your doing, and thank you for sharing your knowledge. A few of us have had experience of the person who upset you, and you are perfectly right she always wants the last word,

Oh dear sounds like someone has complained. Your posts are great 2g. Informative. Enjoy the rest of your weekend x

Dear 2greys, I really appreciate the work you put in finding all these links to the latest research into lung disease and related issues. Well I remember when training for a profession allied to medicine, the amount of time and effort that goes into finding relevant research papers that are scientifically rigorous. I feel very fortunate that you do all that donkey work for me, leaving me free to read the abstracts and follow up where appropriate.Thank you.

I totally agree with Ergendl - as well as all replies here. Your hours of research before posting links for us to read is hugely appreciated. 😊

I am in total agreement with all of the above posts. Keep searching and thank you 2greys xxx

I can only second what every has said. I look for your posts and I am glad that you give us a precis of each as I find many papers are difficult to understand . I have learnt such a lot from your posts and the group would not be the same without them. Please do continue .

As a fellow researcher, I read your posts avidly. You have sourced some really useful information and I for one am grateful for the hard work you put in . Just ignore any naysayers - the whole forum clearly wants you to keep posting!

Dear 2greys - I always find your posts interesting and informative, and from reputable sources. For myself, scientific information helps me understand what has happened to me, and how to deal with it. Plus the wider world we are linked to through our dodgy lungs! Please continue as you have been, I very much value your input 👏👏👏 🤗

Ha! Without the original thread I’ve had to do a bit of reverse working but the “what a wonderful forum......” explained all. The usual suspect in all such ridiculousness was immediately apparent. Like many others on this forum I slide past all her posts and ignore all comments. I suggest you do the same in future.I’ve been a member here for longer than most and I remember some really nasty stuff from years ago which thankfully was dealt with but not before a lot of people were unfairly treated. We don’t want to go back there.

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Annie31 in reply to teenieleek

Exactly! I still don't understand how these two posts with the same title and content were not apparent to those who have chosen to come down on both sides of the fence with their comments! It might help if people read the posts thoroughly, it wasn't rocket science to work out what was going on!

Trevor_BLFModerator profile image

I have let this post run for a while to allow for the sort of supportive comments which most members provide in the true spirit of the forum. However, there have been some thinly veiled personal criticisms/attacks on individual members which is not acceptable and, to avoid the laborious task of removing individual responses (and thereby risking destroying the thread of the post), I have decided to block further responses.

I would like to take the opportunity to restate my request that members refrain from personal attacks. The forum is to allow members to debate lung conditions and voice opinions about them; if you don't agree with the opinion, then it is the opinion, rather than the member, which should be the subject of any disagreement. Although I prefer to explain my actions to members, as Carol_BLFHelpline has pointed out in the past I am not required to do so and, since it is not acceptable to voice private grievances on a public forum, such posts may be removed without warning.

The ability to reply to this post has been turned off.

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