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Delayed Post or digital hiccup


I just received an alert on my page about help with boiler costs , warmhome discount and other help which I posted five years ago. The discounts for boilers or free ones via the government has now changed to a system called ECO, via most reputable heating companies. Warm home discount is available still for low income users via your electric company but has to be applied for each year in the summertime, unless you receive pension credit. All services offer a vulnerable customers service nowadays as long as you go on the register. i.e I get large print bills from the water company. Many people seem to be unaware of these things to spite much publicity by many organisations. The waterboard also has a discount for low income users, so does the Bt I beleive. Rate rebates cover those who live alone & low incomes. It would be much better, and cheaper if the government made a standard form for low income claimers to claim entitilement to all things. But every claim has to be done individually with very much the same facts having to go down. On the good side they do have a claim calculator on line which assess your entitlement no matter what your circumstances are. Plus BLF have a help line that can advise on your entitlements. Not all benefits are dependent on you being a none worker or pensioner. Hope this helps.

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Thank you Katie. How are you keeping? Xxx

katieoxo60 in reply to sassy59

Hi Sassy59, I am keeping reasonably well and my mobility is picking up from the knee operation, but roll on when this virus calms down and we can maybe venture out. I t does not look like the vaccines will be the total answer but maybe prevent serious outbreaks in the future. xx

sassy59 in reply to katieoxo60

That’s good to hear and I totally agree with you. Let’s hope there’s a brighter future ahead. Wishing you well. Xxxx

Thank you Katie! It’s always helpful to know these things!

Glad to hear your mobility is getting better! Will definitely be lovely if we can get out and about a bit more in the spring! lives in hope!

katieoxo60 in reply to madonbrew

Good morning, just . Yes we have to remain hopeful otherwise we would give up. I noticed though some of the spring buds are late this year for instance crocuses so maybe they don't like the cronavirus either :) :)

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