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does oxygen stop your hart from getting bad when useing it to walk with

here the thing just been to see my consultant fro frist time in two years when asking him Q he told me that having ambulatory oxygen there no benefit from useing it only thing it does is help you walk far than you do with out it i told him that i was told by his nuise that it would help from my hart liver and other orgen from get strnd but he said no just help you walk abit farer now is this right as he say oxtgen laven low when at rest hurt your hart not when walking with out oxygen

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I would say he is wrong saying that, the o2 is there to stop your saturation levels from going too low, which would otherwise be causing damage to your other organs. Yes it will enable you to walk further before you have to stop to catch your breathe, but not the primary reason.

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and i though the same that why i have been useing it and why i dont work but he said that i did not need to use it as it only good to let me walk further and he also said that most people that use ambulatory oxygen dont as they dont like careying the tank around with them so they dont have to

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Whilst a lot of people maybe self conscious and do not like carrying an o2 bottle around there is no need to be self conscious anymore than having to use crutches, a stick or even having a prosthetic limb. You do not have to carry a bottle either, you can ask for a trolley to be supplied, not much different than using a shopping trolley. You might have to get used to a few stares, but so do those with a prosthetic limb. The alternative is never going out and living like a hermit.

Come the day that I need supplementary o2 , I will still go out and live a normal life, the same as I do now, with all the puffing and panting and people stopping to ask if I'm okay.

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it does not bor me carrying a tank around after two year am use it it what i am mad about is that cos i was tole i need to use the o2 so i would not hrut my hart i lost my job but now he saying i did not have to use it as it does not stop my hart hurting that what got me nmad i could still be working and not at home every day looking out the window

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Fret not over it, it has been prescribed to save your organs, not to enable you to walk further. I would advise you get a second opinion from another consultant, the one who has advised you so far is not really telling the whole truth, it may be just to stop you from being anxious.

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i sooner have the truth than know i could of been still working in stied of just sat at home doing nothing

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I agree with 2greys. I use a walker to transport my canister which is a great help. I go anywhere I want . Avoid steep inclines and steps and kerbs and don’t mind people asking how I am or if I need help. Can’t understand people becoming housebound because they use o2 . A respiratory nurse would be a better person to take advise from than what you have been told so far. 😉

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Hi Tiger 69, if your oxygen levels are low your heart has to work harder to pump oxygenated blood around your body. So when doing extra exercise for example, walking, then using an oxygen tank means the heart is not having to work so hard. Best wishes.

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That day might not come as nurse said not everyone will need oxygen

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Very true, to a degree, once your blood 02 gets below a certain saturation point (88%), then it is needed. But there are other conditions that could preclude it, like cancer, cardiovascular disease or a stroke, which in reality, one of which is what will take me. Just being realistic.

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Mine goes down to 88 when exercising but then goes back up. Nurse not bothered. 2grey no one knows what will end our life. I hope you are around for years to come. With so much research being done on cancer you never know. I believe anyway

Oh my. Sometimes I despair when I read what doctors say to their patients. Two greys is right. Using oxygen (for patients who are prescribed it) will help your heart and other organs cope. Your consultant is wrong and either ignorant or playing you for a fool. I am glad you didn't just accept his opinion Hidden . xx 👋😁

tigers69, yes, when you have a lung disease, even if it is not in the severe range, and only if it goes down when exercising, oxygen will keep your heart and of course your lungs stronger, low oxygen levels at anytime can harm your kidneys. You will feel better and live longer. If at anytime your oxygen goes to 88% oxygen is needed, if even just when ambulatory, some pulmonologist now believe at 90% is better, and keeps congestive heart failure at bay.

So, I am going to agree 2greys, as well as the Ohio State University, Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, etc. etc. can be used to fact check. I also agree with Caspiana.

Happy Thanksgiving,



As I have pulmonary fibrosis,. I have to have oxygen cylinders when out and about, otherwise I will not be able to walk very far, it is a nuisance but one I am putting up with, at home I have a machine, and at rest my levels are stable in the 95-98% whilst on the machine, without my levels drop to 80% or less, and that is without exertion.

Having a bottle of oxygen helps a lot even for a gentle walk. Something I couldn't do before.

There is a lot of good advice on this forum, as a newbie I am glad I joined.

Good luck

i was told it wld stop my blood from getting to thick body produces more red cells to carry more oxygen

Hi again

I should have mentioned that if your saturation levels get too low then this will affect your heart,and kidneys, the O2 helps to keep the organs strong, Although I am retired I can still be reasonably active, your body will Tell you when to rest.

From what I have learnt from this forum is to be positive in your mind and your body will follow suite.

Yesterday I went to our local hardware store, bought some timber, came home had rest, then started to make some changes in my summer house. I had my bottle on my back set to medium, just carried on, if I felt as if I had had enough, then rest and back on my machine. Cup of tea digestive biscuits, wha more can I ask for????

I would try and get another Doctor this persons talking bull

Low oxygen levels will damage your organs over a period of time

Ambiglatury Oxygen is their to help you gat around

I have been on it for 5 years also get a rollator for walking and ge5 ne with a seat and bag I would also recommend a 4 wheeled version they are great to get around

Enjoy your life whilst you can still get around but get a new Doctor .

i would like to thank you all for your reply and help it just now i am sat here feeling where do i go from here now yes i love my oxygen also am ok with it on my back as it look like a ruck sack and that am down with the kids lol

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