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Whom to complain?

I have a continuous mucus flowing kind of feeling in my throat, something kind of stuck in the throat and associated decrease in quality of voice. the symptoms are worse when I'm active and minimal I lay in bed. As it is right at the interface of ENT, Lung and stomach. I don't know which specialty to approach. I have COPD emphysema phenotype. anybody have similar symptoms?

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Are you on anything that thins the mucus like carbocistine?


Tried whatever GP has thrown at me. I think it includes mucus thinner


I asked because it makes me cough more but also I feel a lot more mucus in my throat. Have a chat with your GP first?


When ever i try to chat with my GP he brusshes aside these symptoms. it feels like he is thinking me as hypochondric.


I produce a lot of thin mucous and my consultant ignored it for 3 years, then prescribed montelucast, which I'm trying again, though it tends to make me sleepy. I get the impression that consultants ignore thin mucous as it tends to clear by itself, though it does make it difficult to swallow sometimes. It's also exacerbated by nasal drip and reflux in some people - you might try to get that tested in you.

Carbocysteine is normally prescribed for thick mucous; thinning it this way might result in a lot of it in the throat, whereas montelucast is supposed to reduce it. I also use N-Acetyl cysteine, which is available from health shops and does seem to work, and I get no side effects from it.


Well if you are in a practice there must be doctors you can see there. I guess you are in the UK? If so you have the right to a second opinion even if only another doctor there.

Another option is to say to your doctor that you want to go private (if you can afford it) and as you will probaly still need referring from your doctor ask him/her which specialist he can recommend. x


I had a similar experience and it turned out to be a pharyngeal pouch .

I also had difficulty in swallowing.

Ask your go for a referral to ENT.

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