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Still happy in London!

Dear BLF friends,

My RBH appointment came through for Tuesday 15th so will see what comes of it. 🤞

I was asked to translate my medical notes so that kept me busy 😃 well I was not going to pay for it, luckily I can manage, especially at such short notice.

Anyway today was a treat day, I went to see Swan Lake at the ENO.

West end is so busy with tourists but homeless people are laying in doorways everywhere. It is shocking. And on sleeping on buses. Just awful. I feel ashamed I can go back to my warm bed and shower in my B&B, have my porridge in the morning, pub or café lunch, Prêt-à-manger soup or Waitrose salad in the evening and watch tv in bed.

Skis 🎿 are you up? Went to Stamford Bridge and got tickets for Saturday and Chelsea Huddersfield. So my nephew is very happy too 😃.

Paris lost last night so we are out of the league cup.

Wishing you well xx


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I’ll be thinking of you on Tuesday and will keep my fingers crossed 🤞

in reply to HungryHufflepuff

Thank you HHp 😊

Glad all is well with you Fran. London is quite an eye opener. Good luck for the 15th and come on Chelsea!

Thinking of you. Xxx 😘💖

in reply to sassy59

Indeed my dear Carole!! Thank you for your kind thoughts xxx

Fran 😘💕

I envy you seeing Swan Lake at the ENO though I did catch it on BBC iPlayer over Christmas. Made a nice change from Nutcracker. Will be thinking of you Tuesday, hope it goes well.

in reply to Don-1931

Did you? Well that saved you a trip. It was full of kids on a school outing and munching crisps. I thought of saying something but I didn’t such a grumpy old woman I can be 😃

Thank you Don 😊

Well my Happy friend,i am jealous and you have gone to heaven or it's earthly equivalent Stamford Bridge but you must have better eyesight now as Huddersfield are playing away to Cardiff,never mind you can watch us play Newcastle instead.your nephew is a very lucky boy.Fear not,although there is a dire housing problem in London half of those 'homeless' will be getting in Taxis later on and going home to the suburbs where they actually live.

Good luck at the RBH on Tuesday and the money saved on translation will help pay for what i imagine is an expensive salad from Waitrose though you disappoint me and a lady of your stature should be dining at the Ritz.

Stay well and take care.

Love Ski's xx

in reply to skischool

I got tickets for 2 different matches Cheeky Skis 😃Chelsea-Huddersfield is on Feb 2nd.

Take care too xx


Wishing you well on the 15th Fran.


in reply to cofdrop-UK

Thank you Cofdrop x

Welcome back to London! You’re so amazing the way you’re embracing all the travelling and sightseeing. We’ve got so many bugs doing the rounds here, I’ve got a bit paranoid of catching anything, I’m afraid to say. Wishing you good luck on Tuesday @happylondon x

in reply to UHelga

Thank you Helga x

Swiss doctor gave me Echinacea Med Forte 1 tablet x 2 to strengthen my immune system against colds etc..

I found it in Wholefoods.

Take care,


Hoping all goes well with your

in reply to

Thank you Littlepom xxx

Hi Fran!! Seeing Swan Lake, beautiful....just beautiful...

I wish you a good appointment. Enjoy your sporting games!!!

Always be happy!!


in reply to megshafer

Hi Meg!!

Yes it was uplifting!! Just what I needed.

Thank you so much xx


Good to hear Fran. I'm meeting a couple I met in Liverpool in Las Vegas on the 24th, for (Coincidence: We were remarking there are 4-500 people living in the drainage canals right underneath the Las Vegas Strip). And then I just did a telephone interview regarding the demolishing my father's pharmacy building. Nostalgic answer questions for the reporter, but sad to read about it today.

in reply to Sharp5Flat13

Wow interesting Sharp! Thank you for sharing.

Sad about your Dad’s pharmacy building being pulled down but you will always have your memories, they can’t take that away from you.

Take good care of yourself x


Your amazing Fran, I envy you being able to travel about so much, miss those days. Manchester is much the same for the streets being plagued with the homeless, but as skis says alot do catch the bus/taxi home, so wouldnt feel too guilty. Good luck for Tuesday, hope all goes well. Take good care. Irene x

in reply to Izb1

Thank you Irene 🤗 xx

You seem to be making the most of your trip, good for you! Hope Tuesday goes well xx

in reply to Carnival567

Thank you Carnival 🥳 xx

Hola "Globetrotter" Fran. All the Best for the 15th. You are having a Ball in London, take heed of ski's Comment , saw a Documentary re. These "Homeless Fake People" in Liverpool, and all over UK. it is very sad for the Genuine "Homeless" You have travelled the World Carino, Seen a lot I'm Sure. Enjoy the Football, ( Me, Barca y Liverpool) Fan. But at the end of the Day, Football is a Beautiful Game. Take care, your Nephew is very Lucky to have an Aunt like you Fran. Bueno, Hacen un Bueno Final Semana. Abrazos, Besitos. NB: My Daughter & Grandson, Javi, arrive Tomorrow from Spain, spending 5 days with me, So So Excited. xxxxxx

in reply to Hacienda

Hola Querida

Glad you are having the family over


Fran xx

You sound like your having an adventure. Good luck for your hospital appointment. X

in reply to Shirleyj

Thank you Shirley 😊🎈xx

Good luck🙏for Tuesday at RBH and ⚽CFC....come on you blues!!

in reply to SquirrelsHolt

Yep 👍 thanks!!!

Hi Happy london,I am so pleased your happy in London, it's heartbreaking seeing such a lot of homeless people around,one guy told me that's his choice of life.

I shall been thinking of you on the 15th of Jan ,I hope all goes well .🦋

How long are you staying in London? last time I was there I had to go for an Audition,,but the air wasn't very good for me I am pleased you enjoyed Swan lake , it's beautiful I have lost count how many times I saw Swan Lake .

, Your English must be excellent to be able to translate your papers,I couldn't translate so checked it out with someone, but it was so expensive,I could have gone abroad on holiday with that money, luckily a kind German doctor translated my papers.

Enjoy 😁🇨🇭

in reply to Susan1200

Hello Susan

A couple of months I think.

I expect translating was expensive yes

Most of the medical terminology is similar.

I photocopied the documents, highlighted and translated the key words/sentences.

I’ll talk him through what he wants to hear.

Yes I have seen it many times but it’s worth it..a treat..


Fran xx

Susan1200 profile image
Susan1200 in reply to

Wow so your staying nearly till spring.

It's very expensive for a professional to tralate a letter.

Fran I hope you don't mind me asking do you travel around with Oxygen????.

I have to see my lung specialist on Wednesday, which I am not happy about because I am full of a cold ,I can't cancel as I would have to wait another 3to 4 months.

I seem to have a busy schedule this year in Switzerland what with weddings and now I am a great Aunty and my sister in law is hoping I come and visit the whole family 💗 which is lovely.and of course friends which I can't do all in a week or two.

I really wish 🌟 you all the very best wishes for Tuesday that everything goes well 🍀

Have a lovely weekend 🐞

in reply to Susan1200

Hello Susan,

Well I will stay until I have to if I am in good hands. I want a proper protocol with medicines and prescriptions.

No I don’t have oxygen problems unless I am sick.

Don’t cancel! He can see what it is like when you are unwell and help you out.

Yes when we go away it is for the big tour. I hope you enjoy it all, it sounds lovely 😊


Fran xx

Thinking of you. I hope all goes well Tuesday. Hugs.

in reply to Kitten-kat23

Thank you Kitten 🐱 🤗

Well I hope your having a great time in London. Got any other plans? museums maybe? Good luck for Tuesday too. 🥳

in reply to Jazzkady

Hi Jazz,

Thank you for your message!

Well plans will depend on the hospital appointment but I think weekends are safe..I did book far ahead for All about Eve with Gillian Anderson late February. Also I’d like to see La Traviata at the ROH. But it must be matinees I have no energy in the evening.

Yes Museums, there are the Impressionists at Courtauld and Bonnard at the Tate Modern soon.

A friend is taking me to the Barbican.

So a nice programme. Yesterday I just went out for food in the end, too tired. I did well because I’m better this morning although I think it is a waste to stay in. I remember a doctor telling me if you don’t rest you won’t get over that chest infection. So here I am, compromising 😃

Have a nice weekend, 🎊


Well you are organised! I envey you La Traviata , I’m sure you will enjoy that! Your talking of the end of February, is that how long you will be in London? Is this a special visit to the RBH , for further investigations, with your rare and unusual conditions! You might make the Lancet !

Have fun, and ‘the odd nap in the afternoon.’ Didn’t they write a book or a play with that title! Enjoy. 🏛

in reply to Jazzkady

Yes Jazz, it is a long journey for me by train. It took a lot out of me.

I left 3 years ago..plenty of family and friends to catch up with. I am retired so it’s all freetime 😃 Winter is evil in Switzerland for respiratory problems, it is so mild over here.

There are around 350 women in Britain with this disease. The LAM Centre is in Nottingham but the RBH deals with all rare pulmonary diseases.

I am ok, my disease is quite stable, it’s more to review the meds, my general health, and immune system which deteriorates with all those long-term side effects.

So we will see what they can offer.

The Lancet? 😃 I don’t think see rare diseases with so few patients don’t raise enough interest and certainly not enough money for research or pharmaceutical interest. The only medication on offer is Sirolimus which is normally used in organ transplant rejection and Pfizer has the monopole. Hopefully one day they will find something kinder to the human body and more relevant to the MTorr cells mutations which affect us.

Take good care x


I think I mentioned I’m having a new right hip on 13 February, well with that in mind have been very very slowly tapering down the prednisolone, I got all the way down to 2.5 mg, plus I have the dreaded polyps, which give me a nasal drip at night. My Lungman has also put me on azithromycin 250mg one on mon, wed and Fridays. To keep lung free of infection! I had this three times and in each time both lungs have collapsed at the base! Well I felt thing were not going to plan, so I have upped the dose of Prednisolone back up to 5 . Today I am coughing up loads of junk, so will have to get to the doctor on Monday. I’ve also had two flushes with bronscopies, under slight sedation thankfully to hoover them out. I am on a reducing dose of the prednisolone , having started off on 30 mg , I’m due to see the lung consultant on the 25 of this month! I need to be fit for the hip operation, I’ve been in acute pain for a year now, so I would hate for the operation to be cancelled! So I just hope my doctor can sort something out. All this started a Year ago last July, having pneumonia, right in the middle of the house move! It’s a real pain, I really wanted to be fit. The infection can come on in days! My apologies for this, but your in and out of the drs if you can get an appointment in 5 minutes. I miss the system in France !! Go in , wait your turn , and see the dr with no rush! I hope your tests go well ! Jazz x

in reply to Jazzkady

My Goodness Jazz, you are going all through this at thd moment..

Dreaded steroids eating at our bones..

I hope you can get your operation. Thinking of you 🌷

With operations and infections it is difficult tapering down we spend our time increasing and decreasing, which is why they put me on Hydrocortisone. So had my month on 20+20 and yesterday I started as asked on 25+10 so that 5mg down. I supposed it corresponds to 1.5mg of pred.

The French system is good too. Presently I need somebody who sees the whole picture because they are all specialists and see and treat the relevant ailments. I think the RBH will be good for that.

Sending you love and healing xx


Good luck for Tuesday. Keep warm and enjoy London x

in reply to Kristicats

Thank you Chriskho xx

Hallo Fran ,how are you ?how did things go for you yesterday ?I really hope all is good for you.

LG Susan 🐘

Missing your posts and see you are now hidden which causes me some concern. Hoping things have not got worse for you or that you are just having a rest from here.

Just wanted you to know that I miss your posts and am sending love and healing.


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