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Christmas & new year


Thank you all for posting your best wishes for Christmas the coming of the new year. I was surprised at the number of you that thought of others at this time. Nice to know there are some decent people out there and the world is not so full of gloom & doom, I'm only sorry I missed the boat.

Good health to one & all and for the coming year.


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A great bunch of people on HU lKeith and you’re one of the bunch. Happy new year. Xxxxx

in reply to sassy59

Hope Pete is faring well Sassy and you too are ok x

in reply to Izb1

Not too bad thank you. Xxx 😘💋😘

Thanks IKeith 😊 Wishing you health and happiness this new year too 🕊️

Yes iKeith I agree with Sassys comments, your one of the bunch so a Happy New year to you too xx

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