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Brief history - asthma since childhood (now 45), productive cough for approx 6 years. This summer - chest infection (haemophilus influenzae and moraxella catarrhalis) which took 3 lots of antibiotics to clear. Queried possibility of bronchiectasis with Dr. Dr agreed that referral to chest specialist might be warranted but wanted to do further investigations first. X-ray came back clear, the usual bloods came back fine. Saw another Dr (we have a rotation of several Drs and Locums) and he wanted to more tests. Currently waiting for spirometry appointment and in the meantime was asked to do a series of sputum tests. First one came back as light fungal growth, second similar fungal growth/aspergillosis. Saw another GP and he said he would refer me to specialist because of this. However when appointment came through it was for general medicine not a chest specialist.

Currently I’m still coughing, Lungs feel uncomfortable and I get breathless easily and my reliever doesn’t always help, but sitting down until it goes does, and I also feel really run down and tired. My appointment is in 3 weeks time and I’m not really sure what to expect or what to ask. Feel sure that there must be something more than asthma going on with my lungs and confused why I’m not seeing a lung specialist.

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For a definitive diagnosis of Bronchiectasis, you will need a CT scan. XX

I have ABPA,now on steroids for the near future ,i've put 4 stone on,this happened within months, i didnt think you should take antibiotics with Aspergillios as it helps it grow? I'm also taking a fungus drug, it has helped and i now think its my wait thats casusing problems

As far as I am aware ABPA is inflammation due to an allergic response to the aspergillus mould, which we all breathe in on a daily basis. Whereas in my case the Aspergillus seems to growing in my lungs (as shown in the sputum culture)

Ask for a CT scan on your next visit. Explain all the symptoms . Go with notes if necessary. Ask what can be done.


Hello WindsweptRissa

You sound in the dark like I was a round 12 years ago. Very frustrating and frightening. Diagnosed with ABPA in 2008, had to fight for treatment, no one seemed to know much about it or able to treat me only inhalers. Never taken antifungal drugs. I have recently seen a specialist from Kings bought into my local hospital in Kent and he has explained fully my condition and will help me manage it. Like a light being switched on after all these years of struggling with ABPA. The fatigue and breathlessness is horrible. I have had my lungs washed. This consultant has increased my dose of one inhaler, I take Seretide, Spiriva and Bricanyl. The Seretide Accuhaler he has increased fro 500 mcgms per dose to 1000 daily. I am asthmatic too. I have improved on this increase. He said if I don’t improve there are other drugs to try. He explained that every ABPA patient has different symptoms. I cannot produce sputum, I have a very dry tickle cough. I take prednisone steroid when really bad. This condition is not curable but is treatable but has to be managed to the individuals needs, so I am told by this consultant. Gratefully I have never smoked. I have had pneumonia twice, also Bornholm’s (look it up) so I know and sympathise greatly with anyone with lung breathing problems. I wish you luck, WindsweptRissa, you must fight for your health and push for management of your condition or you will be overlooked like I was for many years. I now have the confidence to speak up and ask questions when with Consultant. Pester your GP, like I did, if you are not happy with your Consultant or drugs. He is the way forward to referring you to a different Consultant. Don’t give up on yourself, so very easy to do when you feel so unwell.

Kind regards


Yes, I need to keep pushing. My husband has been nagging me for ages to get my cough sorted out, but I’ve kept dismissing it as a minor inconvenience and not worth bothering about, just a bit of asthma. Probably should have taken the hint with the amount of people who wince when they hear me cough, lol. Not to mention the time when I went to pick my daughter up from school as she said to me as she came out of the classroom “I knew you were coming mummy because I could hear your cough”.

it’s kind of complicated here with Drs. I’ve seen/dealt with 5 different GPS since my recent problems began in May and they each have there own ways and opinions on how best to proceed. Just need to see where my hospital appointment leads me and go from there I suppose.

I’m hoping it doesn’t turn out out to be ABPA, because I read that if you have that you should avoid things like working with soil. That would be rather unfortunate as I’m currently half way through an Archaeology degree, and soil features quite heavily in that profession.

Hope they sort you out soon.

Good luck with your degree. I buy the appropriate masks to keep aspergillus out when I do my patio pots. They are small and finely woven because aspergillus spores are micro. You might be able to continue your digs wearing the correct protection. But, of course, you might not have ABPA. Hope you get your correct diagnosis soon and wish you good health.

Kind regards Rosie

You should have been referred to s pulmonary Dr...u aren’t feeling well probably due to fungus in your lungs...did he give u any antibiotics for fungus till u see new dr???? If not call him back...this is probably why u aren’t feeling well

They think I might have Aspergillosis or eosophilliosis. I’m more tired than before and I get breathing problems first thing in the morning. I’m usually not too bad after I’ve coughed up mucus in the morning. Did I read right that there is no cure? Also does it get worse?

I’m afraid I can’t help you there. aspergillosis was only mentioned by the doctors receptionist as she read out the comments on the results of my sputum tests (had a fungal growth on 2 sputum tests 3 weeks apart). As a result of that I was given an appointment later this month with general medicine at the hospital). So I have no indication of the implications of the presence of this growth in my sputum. From reading on the Internet it seems that there are different types of aspergillosis, varying from an allergic response to aspergillus, to fungal bronchitis, presence of fungal balls in cavities in the lungs, and an invasive systemic infection usually found only in immune suppressed individuals (e.g. AIDS patients). Treatment and outlook depends on the type of aspergillosis.

I see! I think mine is caused by me emptying some flower pots into a black back and putting it on the garden. That’s if it is aspergillosis. They are also thinking on the lines of esophilliosis. Whatever it is it’s not bothering me too much. It does affect my breathing a bit but mainly first thing in the morning. I’m just learning about it like you. Thank you for replying. If I hear any more about it I will let you know. Perhaps you could do the same.

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