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Pip Assessment ... If You Can Call IT That


Well had my pip assessment done by young paramedic.

2 hours of tick ✅ box question’s and when you try to answer questions THE not intrested.

Things have not changed from what I have seen for claimants benefit AND here’s WHY paramedic would not disclose angancy he worked for I.e atoms or capita.

Also would not take doctors letters to surport my claim ALL he said was send them dwp or contact them if you have problems with process.

Iceing on cake WAS threat’s WITH doctor and ambulance if you mention suffering from mental illness or have thoughts of suicide.

Can’t see how threat’s and lack of angancy identification IS helping those most at need.

THINGs WAS bad befour BUT now it’s just pafic

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You could really do with some positivity in your life JAS. Sending lots your way. I hope things turn out well for you.

Take care xxxxx

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Hi sassy defo agree with you there JUST as well I forget stuff quite easy

How awful for you, JAS. Hope the decision goes your way in spite of the interviewer's unhelpfulness.

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Because my answers would not fit with tick ✅ box questions guy was getting frustrated

Could of done with mature person someone WHO as lived little knows life not yes or no

It sounds like you’re having a lousy time just now, with one thing and another. I hope things get better for you soon.

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I don’t think things will be getting better but no poit dwelling on stuff

HungryHufflepuff in reply to Hidden

I saw your other post, alas I see what you mean. I really hope something works out for you anyway because you don’t need this pip hassle and stress on top of everything else. The people that do these assessments seem to have no understanding of people’s situations or needs, and a total lack of empathy. Well I’m sure there are sympathetic and understanding people out there but they seem to be few and far between. Thinking of you (which I know doesn’t help a whole lot but I don’t know what else to do)

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Hi HungryHufflepuff defo agree about the not all bad.

Wish I would of had one with tad more life experiences THAN one drawn in by rich rewards the offer assessors.

Anyway it’s not all lost he was telling me he had dislocated shoulder and he never had bilateral hand palsy or out.

So that’s injury ruled out of my hand arm Palsy stuff ONLY stroke ms now to rule out

Guess all find out tho one way or other.

Hi Jeff , so its paramedics now to decide our fate. Your right about not mentioning mental health factors causes panic stations. Hope they are not making presumptions on facts in our computorised Gps records either as they can be wrong too if fed in hurriedly and we all hit the wrong keys sometimes. Hope all goes well for you .

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Defo agree Katie hope my issues have not been lost in translation:)

I’ve been thought the pip assessment myself and for my autistic/dyspraxic son. And you’re right, for mental health,, it couldn’t be worse! When I questioned before my sons assessment, if he could have 2 people with him, myself to answer questions and my sister to receive him outside, when he runs away, I was told that if he left the room, the interview would be terminated....I replied that if I kept him in there, he would become aggressive and probably pull the door off the hinges...’in that case, the police would be called’

So I refused an interview for him, I would prefer to miss out than place him in harms way. With the support of our GP he eventually was paper based report and successful for 5 years.

Jeff you don’t say if you took anyone with you? My first assessment I had to go alone, and was also by a paramedic....it didn’t go well as she had no idea about my conditions, and was overwhelmed with the information. My most recent one was ok, although again, she was a physiotherapist and didn’t speak English very well (didn’t know what the word bankruptcy meant)

But all I can say, is put the assessment behind you, as it’s impossible to gauge how they go. If the outcome isn’t favourable, take it up with the dwp, speak to the desision maker, ask for it to be looked at again, and keep fighting. The whole process lasts too long and feels even longer. But just keep in your mind that you know what you are entitled to, and that you won’t give up until it’s right.

And don’t let it drag you down, it’s their job to deny and it doesn’t lessen your daily struggles....they have no idea what life can be like....but everyone now knows, it’s not cos people are ‘putting things on’ that benefits are cut...stay strong and let the assessment go so you can save strength for any battles you may have ahead x

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Defo agree with you ALL you say rings so so true BUT not only with me but lot others too.

I had mine at home WAS quite busy house as dad was there AND district nurses also my mum.

But what I will say TWO cars pulled up out side my house silver Audi rs and guy who did assessment come in red Audi rs.

I think two discused who would come do it AND he must of decided he would ... point being ITs nice how can be richly rewarded with nice company cares for doing dirty deeds.

That’s just awful .. sending you a big hug x

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It’s only to be expected really

Jeffajaxsmith. The whole PIP assessment is ridiculous, horrific, stressful. I went through mine last year, lies were told by. I have been diagnosed bronchiectasis since 2000. I also have multiple other health problems and report said it had t been diagnosed, even though medical reports prove it, there were several other lies...This has been going on for 9 9 months. Finally got tribunal date, but now getting more paranoid and depressed. The whole situation of claiming PIP is a farce.

MrBaz in reply to Patchpoppy2

Hi, Patchpoppy, I've just been through the same process...turned down...appeal turned down!... I now have the latter in front of me to start my appeal at tribunal, got to start again sending 'evidence' photo copies etc... nightmare!!.. my doc said he would support me, but said to save me money with a letter from him, they should contact him for info... they obviously didn't!... I have COPD with Fev1 30%.. & numerous hospital admissions.. some via ambulance!.....😩

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Hi patchpoppy2 am expecting no difference than your own experience really.

Do not let them get you down what ever teh decision make sure you get the paperwork with their comments on so that you can se f it matches with what happened on the day.

Be well

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Hi offcuts thanks for heads up had forgot about that .. when I submit my other medical stuff ALL be sure to ask for it.

I think I would ring DWP up and complain he is supposed to listen to you and report what you say. He should not visit you with a question and answer interview..


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Hi fastball defo agree with you there and are my sentiments too .. am going to submit my medical stuff get copy of stuff AND see how things go.

But if don’t go my way will be having out with them

You can still appeal if refused.


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I still have a dance in me IF the want to go that far BUT dose make you ill stress you out.

Another OMG, JAS...!!! AN Audi R S can cost from £40-£120k. Not that I'm saying the medic didn't maybe save hard for Years to buy it,but it is a tad uncomfortable feeling bearing in mind he's there to assertain if you're entitled to a paultry extra bit of money because you need help to do things etc. You can tell my blood is at boiling point after reading your post.

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Hi SquirrelHolt Guess is boiling like mine ... according to #ECHR is illegal and breach of there human rights AS is tantamount to Coercion and is breach of our human rights.

Threats bulling into silence WELL what would #Frank or Prince 🤴 Harry say about if you talk about mental health with dwp you get threatened with ambulance and doctor into silence.

Shocking behaviour IF they cared they would not bully you into saying nothing but would give you options of contacting someone not use Coercion to deni you your social civil rights.

As to moter WELL he could of saved but that don’t explain silver one that pulled up exactly same moter but silver.

Now I'm boiling and boiling to the point of possible spontaneous combustion!!

Its farcical, it really is. If you complain I wouldn't be surprised if they put a big X against your name,as to indicate you spoke up for yourself. Its totally unacceptable but where can you go to air your disgust without it being used against you etc?


It’s a disgraceful and degrading system! The process is deeply flawed. It forces the claimant to become ‘tick box savvy’. To know what answers they need to accumulate the points, to refuse to do anything physical during the assessments so that it is made obvious that it is impossible without assistance and yes, In other words, to make your needs fit their criteria, however you do that!

They only understand the criteria which is listed in front of their eyes. Any variance from this, however relevant to the abilities and needs of the person being assessed is ignored because these particular circumstances do not aquire points on their system. And on it goes, and on, and on.

I do hope that you get it sorted out.

Hi I had my first PIP assessment last week

And I applied for it because someone else suggested to

Due to how bad my asthma is/has been

So I went in there with 3 ailments

Brittle asthma



I also have acid reflux but that wasn't my main issue

I had nurse she was alright

However I went in there ready to mainly talk about how my respiratory condition is affecting my daily life

However most of the questions I got were about anxiety there were a few on my asthma and like one on my tremors

I kept saying about how the main thing that is affecting me is my breathing etc but don't know how much she listened to that

I don't find out for a like 4 weeks what comes out of that but i didn't want the PIP to be about anxiety I have it and I put down hoping it my boost my chances because I know how hard it is to get it but my asthma is the thing that is ruling my life and tries to kill me not the anxiety oh well

Sorry for the rant there

I'm sorry yours wasn't as you expected

I hope you still get something from it though good luck x

They should show you a badge with their name on agency mine did. And two when they get paperwork should send of to your doctor and consultant. But we also gave her everything we had appointments records the lot. Took time be we got there in the end.x

Good luck Jeff, 🤞try to think positive. Please let us know how you get on? 👍xx

You could contact disability rights uk and ask for advice and support.

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