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Would IT Surprise You To Know FEW Bugs Have Issues With GINGER Too


Quite a commen one being pseudomonas .... i could say something funny about that BUT all leave it to your imagination.

Anyway currently am going to see if McV ginger nut biscuits 🍪 will clear up my oral thrush better than nystatin stuff THAT as been causing horrendous muscle pain

By all accounts ginger is the business SO guess all see if my experiment works JUST got to try remember to get them AND that’s been mission given lung issues and hypoxia

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If your sore mouth can tolerate the ginger Jeff you will be half way there. Do let us know how it goes.

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Hi littlepom cheers defo will do :)

Awaiting your results on the nuts, .....ginger nuts,of course!This heat is playing havoc with my breathing so I admire anyone with lung issues, who is willing to go and get some nuts....ginger nuts obviously!!!

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Hi SquirrelHolt If it’s not heat it’s pollution or smog from fires🔥

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Agree on firesour neighbours 2 doors up keeps having bonfires and bbq. Which means I can't sit on the lovely decking hubby built for me.other neighbours have complained cant put washing out in evening ( most of them go to work) some selfish people about i know she dodent know about my lung problems but hubby says you would think she would know better having lost her hubby to the same illness and now shes trying to hrlp the water shortage with her water sprinkler fir the lawn some people dont think of others around them. Hsd my moan for the day going for a cuppa and sit on my decking while i got chance. Lol.

Hi there,a very hot good morning to you! I wonder if hubby was to tell your fire-happy neighbour of your condition,whether she'd calm things down? Sometimes,people are just very ignorant when it comes to think of other peoples situations.

Hope you had your cuppa on the decking in time!!!

SquirrelsHolt in reply to Hidden

Yes its awful. One member here was saying you could feel and smell the ash in the air as soon as you opened your front door! Obviously they were in the Manchester area- it would be horrible. I believe the fires are still going.

Good luck JAS, I love ginger and drink ginger tea too. Wishing you well. Xxxx

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Hi sassy ginger tea SOUNDs tad rank TREAT ya self have PG loaded in suger.

Only ginger thing I would dink IS ginger beer O and do like cream soda

Spacecat1 in reply to Hidden

Cream soda with dollo of ice cream a thing i had as a child now i have coca cola and ice cream so refreshing

sassy59 in reply to Hidden

Ginger beers good too JAS. Whatever works lol. Xxxx 😘

Ginger tea is great Jeff. I take it too, and also chopped up ginger root in my porridge. But ginger nut biscuits? Not sure that will help much as the sugar in the biscuits will feed the thrush, cancelling out any benefit from the ginger. Why don't you get yourself some ginger root and experiment with making tea by simmering thin slices in water - about 5 minutes. I find it good without sweetening but if you need to, you could sweeten it with a little honey which would give less encouragement to those thrush bugs. Nystatin is revolting isn't it though when Ive had horrendous mouth thrush with major IV antibiotics Ive found it a godsend.

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Hi O2trees defo agree about suger canceling effect out.

Tad of effort chopping and stewing ginger root BUT I might Holland Barrett see if got any quick fix stuff.

Guess if me biscuit don’t work be ginger tea.

nils68 in reply to O2Trees

Hi O2Trees!

Glad to hear there is another person around that has ginger in their porridge as well, I have been adding it for a long time now. I also throw in a dash of turmeric powder that does turn things a bit yellow but the health benefits rather than the look is what I'm after. Ginger tea is another staple, I make mine by putting the ginger into green tea thus getting all the antioxidants as well.

O2Trees in reply to nils68

Ginger in green tea? sounds great. I often put a squeeze of lemon in it. I also put turmeric in my porridge along with black pepper and a teaspoon of coconut oil which makes it more bioavailable. And cinnamon which is good for the chest. Plus 4 chopped cloves with the chopped ginger as cloves are very antiseptic. Quite a palaver. Then I blend up almonds, a brazil, walnut halves, pumpkin and sunflower seed in Koko (a milk substitute) and through in some frozen cherries and half a banana. Love it :) :) I drink a tea made from mallow, dried elderberries and rosehips and a rooibos teabag.

nils68 in reply to O2Trees

I did start adding cinnamon last year, but will now go with your method and add black pepper with cloves as well, with oats just about anything can be tossed in, I do add fruit too, the whole thing is such a versatile breakfast, but have to admit here I am guilty of having a bowl for dinner.

I find plain yogurt soothes a sore mouth Jeff....not one with sugar to feed the thrush though.

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Gosh no suger Knitter THATs quite a ask sacrifice.

Yogurts ok BUT the do DO some funky things to your guts.

Not quite sure am quick enough these days ;)

Never anything easy with this lungs stuff

Spacecat1 in reply to knitter

Plain cold yoghurt does help the mouth brushes so cooling

Sounds like a tasty experiment. Good luck.


If you want to get the most from the ginger it’s best used in its natural form if you’re tough enough as not everyone really enjoys ginger in it’s true form. It’s very pungent and often an acquired taste. If you can take the ginger root and grate it into your boiling tea you will get more out of its medicininal use but if it’s gotta be your biscuit for now I applaud your effort👏 for trying something other than swallowing a pill

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