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Well hello again al you wonderful people.

Today was my employment medical (a month late but never mind). It was not as bad an experience as I imagined from previous times but still took a while to get through the different tests not to mention fighting my way through the masses of locals all doing the same thing.

Good news is my blood pressure is textbook 120/80 (I did not believe it either:) )

My heart is "10 years younger" than my age which is a really big shock considering the pressure of the last few years, but I guess having it running at 90bpm for the last few years has been good exercise for it:)

Bad news I am getting old:) eyes going hearing going etc etc.

The x-ray was as expected and they immediately started asking questions about mucus cough - I think I surprised them by being totally up front about COPD and offering them my CT scans and the like:) they declined but I think they really did not want to delve deeper and told me to speak to the next doctor in line who was the GP. She looked about 12yr old but knew some things about it. And accepted most of what I told her - she did ask the colour of the mucus but seemed satisfied that I knew what I was talking about (sometimes you can bluff if you look and sound confident:) l

Not able to get any info about the meds so need to see another doctor through normal channels - will let you know how I get on.

Not had the final results yet but I am definitely expecting more questions about the lungs.

So in the meantime it looks like Moscow for the meds initially until I can convince a doctor here to give me what I want and not go back to square one

Keep well everyone I hope the weather where you are is not causing too many problems.


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Well thats one hurdle done hopefully it wont take so long to get the meds sorted.


Well that was an experience!!! Good luck with the rest! Take good care x

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