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i finally [touch wood] have a voice

feeling very gratefull part of my condition makes me loose my voice on and off constantly its been this way for the past 2 and half yrs but nothing as ever worked untill doctor gave me a spray for my nose apparently stops the nasal drip well for the last week its been great still a bit croaky but its better than no voice just hope it gets better but if it dont well owts better than nowt and il be happy ,and im finally going to leeds thur to thoratic clinic im presumming its to see whats sutablie treatment im a bit nervous though this should been happening in january but due to snow i couldnt get there anyway enough about me hope your all well as can be take care.

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Thinking of you Dion and hope all goes well for you. Xxxx


Great news. Can I ask what the spray is I get terrible post nasal drip too.


np its AVamys 27.5mg/spray[flutcasone furoate]x

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Oh I've tried that 😥 Didn't help much. But glad it's worked for you xx


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