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How do people deal with being tired all the time


Obviously as our bodies proper struggle to breathe it saps your energy my sats are fine but I’m genuinly exhausted all the time how do people crack on like this?

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Pete is like that too and has been for years. He’s 66 now and had to retire from work early some years ago. He can sleep when he wants time as has nowhere he has to be.

Wishing you well. Xxxx

Hi Ricky

Yes, I’m afraid it is exhausting. Our bodies are working hard all the time just to survive. Be gentle with yourself. You may not find it easy to sleep for long periods of time. So take little naps whoever you need to. Find the best way to sleep, many on the forum sleep propped up as it helps their breathing. I think you are not working at the moment? So this should give you the freedom to follow a more unconventional sleeping/waking pattern during the day.

Let us know how you get on at the RBH. Try to go with all your questions and if you don’t understand what is being said ask them. If you are not satisfied tell them. Good doctors want their patients to be informed and helped. That is why they are there, and the RBH is the best place to be.

All the best



Yes, always tired. It helps to pace yourself. eg When I visit our town I don't 'do' the whole town on each visit. I do the area nearest to the bus stop I'm using that day. After anything at home that leaves me breathless I then rest, as soon as my breathing eases instead of another physical activity I do a little knitting or paperwork. Otherwise, if I do too many physical things in a short time I end up exhausted for days afterwards.

Also a lot of things I used to do standing up and quickly I now do sitting and slowly.

Life does get easier in the slow lane.

If I need a nap in the day I take one, I used to be incredibly independent, it was hard at first but now I accept any help offered and if non is offered I ask.

Hoping you find ways to cope xx

Agree with all the comments. As an former active person; sailing etc, it was very difficult to accept my COPD (now stage 3) but I retired early and just pace myself. The first thing to do is to REALLY accept that you are not the person you used to be and after you accept that everything else just fits into place.

I just do what I can do, then rest and then another little bit. Frustrating in the beginning but I want to live as long as possible so I have learned to respect my illness and body.

Good luck and forwards ever.


Morning Ricky my lovely

Yep, always tired, but don't always sleep well. As others have said you have to accept and learn to pace yourself and adapt to this.

You are very young and it must be much harder for you than for us oldsters! You are still the same person but just not a whirlwind anymore😁😁

Sit when you can instead of standing, nap when you need to, and don't feel guilty because you do so, you replenish your energy levels a little at a time as you use them now.

When do you go to RBH ?

Have a good day petal

Cc xx

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En route to me first appointment now, got it at 10, says I’ll be here minimum of 2 hours so I guess there just gonna do non invasive tests and stuff and start from scratch since i had my new diagnosis of the ob

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Hope your appointment went well.

I know what you mean about being tired.

I just pace myself but as I am retired it is easier. Before I just used to keep going and drink coffee.

I think exercise or pulmonary rehabilitation helps too with chronic fatigue, the right food, supplements probably. Having a nap and a good night sleep. Well in an ideal world..

I do mindfulness meditation as well.

Anyway I have good and not so good days. Ideally I don’t dwell on it because it only creates anxiety. That’s where accepting the new me had to come in.

I will never be as young and fit as I used to be, well in my imaginary world..😉

But I am alive and there are people I love and a whole world out there I’d like to learn about even if I don’t travel much, so many things I enjoy and I can still do. I just remind myself of all that on not so good days..And tell myself don’t waste your life away that’s when George Clooney I mean Nespresso comes in, watching sitcoms and thinking my life can be a little like one sometimes, thank goodness for laughing..

Take care Ricky xx


Hello Ricky, we can only 'play the hand we're dealt' and so must just except it. It is tiring but on the flip side, we do need to excersize, as it helps our Lungs function. . I Swim every other day. Rather Slowly, but it does seem to help. Afterwards i have a nap. As Annie said, if i go out into Town i just limit it to two hours, other wise it's exhausting! I feel it's about adapting to the challenge and not about giving in. Good luck with the Tests. 😊🌻✌️Dee

I agree with all comments here Ricky, Good Luck at Rehab, I always Enjoy my Rehab sessions every Monday & Friday, Monday afternoons Breathe Easy Exercise Class. At 10.30 Today I go to a small Gym. I do all this on my Oxygen at 3 lts. I am not back to my old self after having a bad exacerbation a few weeks ago and these days have to really push myself to get Ready and try and be Positive, It is hard Hun, I know how your Feeling. I have my Siesta every afternoon and hope very soon I get my call for the Double Lung Transplant I am Listed for.. Take each day Slowly, But never give up on Trying, You can do it, Push that extra bit you have.. Bless you and Good Luck. xxxx

I nap whenever I need to Ricky. Im just now coming back from 12 days in hospital a month ago with pneumonia and respiratory failure so I need a load of sleep and don't always sleep well at night. Im doing exercise at home, prior to a new PR assessment: weights and aerobic to try to build up again and of course get very tired, partly as in recovery but also just to do with the conditions (stage 3/4 copd, bronch and asthma).

Pace yourself and go with the flow. You might find keeping a health diary helps you see what works for you. :)

Beautifully said


It's unfortunately a problem we all have, it's a question of getting used to it, pace yourself to a slower rate, take longer to do things, over time you will slow down your expectation of yourself. It may not be ideal but you have little choice without sending yourself bannas or getting more frustrated, tired out and a lack of breath/energy.


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