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I am 18 years old .I feels shortness of breath ie.. taking deep breath after seconds of time from last 5 days .Yesterday i went to doctor he told me that I have acidity problem .He gave me medicines for two days .But after taking medicines I didn't feel well enough.i taking deep breath in day ,while study ,while doing work. I am very worried about my health .I have anxiety too .But I didn't get anxious in last 5 days , however I am having this problem.what should I do ?

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Poor you.. sounds like gastric acidty and/or anxiety I would phone the BLF helpline for advice.

Take care x

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Is the problem worse after you eat? If so then acidity is defiantly a strong possibility. These Medicines do not work straight away they do take time.

What are you taking? If it's Omeprazole which seems to be the most common to try first then it only works when taken 20 minutes before breakfast and dinner. It takes a good month before you see any benefit. I would suggest Gaviscon advance along side it too. You take the Gaviscon about 10 minutes after finishing your meal, as per the the amount on the bottle. It's usually 10ml. If your having a day time snack you can pop a Rennie after it.

Try to avoid anything fatty and fizzy drinks, also citrus. Sleep sitting up slightly by raising your bed head and using lots of pillows.

Medicines don't work straight away remember it should start to ease off but will take a while.

If no better in a month then go back to the GP.


There is no reason of fear, isn't it?

Because Due to breathlessness i feel scary .


Of course it's scary. Try and sit and take some simple breaths then slow deep ones. Also after you've had a meal try sipping warm boiled water.

If it gets really bad then slowly breathing in a bag can help control your breathing.

Acid reflux aka GERD commonly makes you breathless especially after a meal. Google it and you'll see there are lots of symptoms that may not seem obvious.

If you are still having problems and it's not getting better then go back they can do a peak flow test. And also medication really helps with breathing, you can google it and find good videos on you tube, Yoga helps too.

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