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Worried about dad

My dad has IPF - he isn’t telling us much!! He just seems to have been diagnosed and sent on his way. Turns out he should have been reviewed year ago but his files got mixed up. At recent appointment with hospital consultant he was told his diagnosis goes back over 3 years (he claims no one told him) with a 3-5 year prognosis. He asked about drugs and was told not bad enough for them and all he got was a flu jab. I am watching him get weaker and frailer - he still forces himself to walk each day but seems to have constant chest infections and cough. He never seems to see same GP twice. I just think this needs to be gripped but don’t know what to do about it. I live in Northern Ireland and dad is 76 apart from lung issues fit as a fiddle. Any advice welcomed.

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Sorry to hear thie problems your father has. Would he be willing for you to go with him to an appointment to see a GP? It might help if you can be there to ask the ‘awkward’ questions and not to leave until you have answers and a treatment plan in place. Perhaps book a double appointment? Let us know how your father gets on. I don’t have IPF but other members do and they may have helpful ideas for you.


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