Blood results Update..

Blood results Update..

So I left a message to the respiratory specialist and said I am seeing the hospital doctor on the 8th do you have an comments?

He phoned me yesterday I thought ho ho what’s up..he said he didn’t like it, he wants we keep an eye on it, it has to do with white blood cells? So I said what? cancer? So obviously he didn’t want it to discuss over the phone on a Friday night after work 😃 but we have known each other for a long time now. He said talk to the clinician and we keep an eye on it every 6 months.

So I start googling Immunofixation and I see it could be indeed first stage of a myeloma. Wonderful I thought that’s all I need..but I’m no doctor to form a diagnosis based on Wiki reading😉

Wrote to my Lammies friends. Quite a few of them are having this problem. One of them is having gammaglobulin IV every month it dropped so low..So could be LAM related I thought..

Anyway got to be proactive guys I will write to the LAM specialist in Lyons and send him my results and see that he thinks.

Thanks for reading friends x

Sorry if I vented..

We deserve a pretty picture..the Eiffel tower for a change 🌸🌷🌺


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Happy Fran,the fact that he said we will keep an eye on it every 6 months sounds like he is not overly concerned,i think if it was any more drastic he would be elevating procedures and investigations.Keep that happy smile and positive attitude going my lovely lady ................skis and optimistic scruffs xx

Well said!! Thought so too Skischool!!

Will know more on the 8th.

Thank you for your kind comments x

Happy Fran 😊

Live the photo Fran and glad you’re being kept an eye on. Hoping all is well. You take care xxxxx 💐💐💐💐💐💐💐

Thanks Carole!! Great bouquets 🤗

Good luck Fran. I hope that you get the answers you need very soon, and good luck with the appointment. Take care. XXX

Thank you Pam. It is very kind of you xx

so beautiful. thanx much.

You’re welcome 😊

Hoping it's not going to be serious but totally understand your concern. Good that you have other people with LAm that you can consult with. Fingers crossed for you.

Thank you Billiejean.

Yes I joined the association. It is a good thing to do. So few of us and a woman only disease you see. Quite strange. A few girls and I are meeting on the 18th for lunch.

Hope you sleep better xx

Are your white blood cells very low Fran? Mine dropped dangerously low about 2 years ago, I was referred to a haematologist because of suspected Lymphoma. He performed a bone marrow biopsy, not pleasant!!, but thankfully I got the all clear. Not sure if this is any help to you.

Hi Bronagh

I am glad you got all that sorted out. 😊

Now you mention it I am looking, my blood cells are just within the norm.

Proteins are low but C reactive is higher, immunology is low. And this immunofixation where it is written As per 24.08 analysis discreet abnormality IgM Kappa hardly visible to confirm the presence of a monoclonal Ig. To control in 6 months.

Rhumatoid factors high but I knew that already.

I will learn more on the 8th.

Thank you for sharing Bronagh xx


Dear Happy

You cannot worry and everyone in God's little green earth knows we shouldn't google symptoms! I am preaching to the choir here every 6 months does not sound that forboding. This is something I do too much of. Best to take a wait and see attitude. In the meantime get some cat therapy. 😺

Thank you Lindy. Ok with cat therapy!!!


Hi...the six monthly blood test means one of the IG s is up a little . But at this stage it could well NOT be myeloma.....If myeloma is one end of a price of string the other end is Benign paraproteinemia...... Six monthly blood tests are the norm..... There is a strong possibility that the next test will be normal . The diagnosis of myeloma is usually confirmed with a positive BJP urine test along with the blood test. Apart from which If there's been a hiccup in bone marrow cell production you will be on six monthly blood tests for ever more. Even though the results are normal each time.


Thank you so much Jo for the info. Very kind of you.

Fran 😊

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