Absent Teacher

Today, Monday is our Breathe Easy Exercise Class, we are all there for 2pm, enthusiastic and looking forward to a social get together. Unfortunately our Lovely teacher had Flu and although some of us were aware before travelling there, it was not possible to inform everyone......

We Volunteered the Fitist Male in Class to Take the Class, Graham was very Obliging, we all offered our help when he forgot an exercise, It was a Great Laugh seeing that there was no Music, so we all sang, one would start a song then we all followed. "Oh, The Grand old Duke of York" to "Knees up Mother Brown", remember we are all above 60 and not the sprightliest crew around...The routine was well received and a Great Hour passed with roars of Laughter, which was the best Exercise for us all...Just thought you would like a little Smile This windy evening...Bye For Now...xxxx PS, Had to UP my Oxygen.

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What great fun! Made the best of things it seems. Xxxx

Fun times

Sounds like you all turned a possible disaster into a fun and very productive day out.well done to you my love and oxygen well spent i would say.Bien hecho amiga......................skis and scruffio xx

Gracias me amigo y un buen gato, scruffio tambien..... Je Je Je (Spanish Laugh) xxx

ho ho ho english laugh xx tengo una gata lol xshould have called her scruffia

es un palabra " Feminina" gata/gato es egual ...Ho Ho Ho. es Navidad...Thanks for your wonderful responses. Love them Skis , xxx

Loved your post, laughter is the best medicine

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