Obliterative Bronchiolitis wrisband???

I have obliterative bronchiolitis and kidney failure. When I go out anywhere I like to have on my silicone medical wristbands to say I have a fistula in my arm, so that if anything happens doctors etc know not to use it. I was wondering if there is a silicone wristband for obliterative bronchiolitis? It would be a good thing to wear I think, incase something happens and I can't talk etc. I also drive so it would be handy along with my fistula one

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  • I don't have silicone wristbands but I do wear an SOS bracelet

    Haven't come across anything specifically for OB. which doesn't surprise me !!

  • Surprised me too, it would be great to have one

  • I don't know if there is anywhere that makes them up individually, like having a t shirt printed you know?

  • Think I'm going to look into it

  • I always wear a tap2tag wristband when out and about on my own, it gives access to all my medical details, contacts etc. It is surprising how much confidence it gives and it has already come in useful with the paramecis.


  • Hi

    I have all my information on my iPhone health app, which can be accessed even when the phone is locked.

    It contains all my medical details, medication and Daughters phone number.

    If I have a problem I can press and hold the home button, and it will phone my Daughter or any number I input.

  • E bay have a host of medical bands each to your need I have COPD patient


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