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Severe oedema on holiday

Went to Majorca on holiday and my feet swelled up on plane and got worse through holiday drank plenty water and lots of walking but eventually spread as far as thighs and hands , I was only there 5 days but by the time I got off the plane it had got very bad ... lying with feet up today ... never had this so bad before , usually light swelling on plane then goes away .. the last time I flew was 3 years ago ... but have recently been diagnosed stage 3 with 30% lung function .. is this because my copd has got worse .. just wandering how to avoid this next year whilst going on holiday ??

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short flying..make sure you get an isle sit so you can get up and walk as often as you like.

long distance i only travel frist class as you can put your feet up, lay down.. and have all the space you need to be move around.

at 30% lung function i was wondering if you have had a fit to fly test...


I had had a chest infection and remains of on holiday but the gp said was fine to fly !! Did walk about twice on plane was only 3 hr flight ... and loads of walking on holiday will speak to nurse when I see her soon ... love your user name my favourite band 😘

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