Leaky Edema Or Weeping Edema

Well things are just getting better for dad given he's alzermers dementia.

In last day i noticed poodle round is feet NOW my das suffers diabetic blister's / ulcers that we kept on top of BUT now he's feet legs have swallon up and this stuff is causing poodles

Am seeing doctor monday given issues but just wanted to know dose anyone have experiance ofleaky weeping leg edema.

Given my dads kidney damage heart failular duretics have to be used with caution.

Given he's dementia he's on lazatives to protect he's kidney from infections.

So geting him to raise he's feet a tad is hard work at best.

Dose anyone know about dressing ulcers or is it just barier creams.

On plus side HE's happy eating his crisp quite unaware of seriouness NEEDLESS ro say am worried as he needs he's feet legs

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  • I am sorry Jeff that your dad has another health issue, but I am glad that he enjoys life....thanks to you as well for helping him.

    Yes, my aunt suffered from swollen lower legs and they used to weep liquid. The skin was taut too. She did have a cream to use on them.

  • Hi thanks for reply IS quite disconserting when you see puddle.

    I thought he had not made it to toilet on time.

  • You would need a referral from a doctor to get a district nurse to dress his legs , oedema does weep and regularly clean bandages and absorbant dressing should be used , however I believe the nurse should be doing this ,

  • Especially as you say there is an ulcer !!!

  • Hi Cheers thanks for reply defo going to see gp ... Have never seen like THE like puss filled blister's

    None look infected but must feel raw really

  • Hope GP or district nurse has been. It's quite serious , poor man.

    As DianaH says, they need sterile dressings done regularly. If there's pus it must be infected Jeff.

    All good luck with getting him sorted. P x

  • Hi Peege Cheers nurse is calling tomoz and regally sorting legs feet.

    He starts antibiotics same time.

    It even effectedhis diabeties numbers.

    Edema can be contagious to someone immunity compromised on regular antibiotics.

  • Thank goodness. Feel sorry for your dad, it's not pleasant for you either I'm sure.

    Glad he's got antibiotics. Scrupulous hygiene, lots of hand washing and stand back when he's having the dressings done.

    Best, P

  • Hi peege cheers its not good really but we do try make him happy.

    Hand washing gosh am well getting neurotic but was exciting taking sample for under my microscope.

    He as nice GP and she could round to sort him out.

    Dads one them who say's everthing is fine.

    Is geting sorted now and thats a plus plus as am sure is quite painfull

    Cheers n thanks again

  • Hi my husband had that problem. He had a nurse come in to put cream and bandages on them. His legs were very swollen after being dx with heart failure. I would advise to speak to your GP about this. Take care

  • Hi Nottobad Cheers think given consensus defo going to get nurse out to dress them

    Thanks again and sorry to read about heart leg issues your husband had

  • Hi Jeff, Your dad needs to see a doctor asap. You say there is pus coming from his legs? Well, pus indicates infection. Does he keep his feet elevated until someone can see him? Keeping his legs elevated will help some with the swelling. I know this is a hard time for you, but try to hang in there. Have they ever mentioned Congestive Heart Failure to you? It is very possible that is what he has now. He is definitely going to need some managed care to help with dressing his leg ulcers. I know you are ready to get him proper help so you can finally get some rest! I'm no doctor but I do know a little bit from some of your description of his symptoms. I would also watch his salt intake. That too can help with the swelling. Best of luck to you Jeff. Take care of your Dad. You're a good son.

  • Hi thanks for reply yer i was worried about heart stuff but his bp pulse as been ok.

    Am going to get doctor round and make him do swab test.

    Make sure its nout nasty

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