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Hi there mouselings,

There is an excellent resource tool for anyone contemplating filling in the P.I.P assessment form by themselves.Firstly to put the ball in you're court phone and say you haven't received the form.This will give you an extra few weeks to browse over the form you have been sent and wrtite a draft copy.It also gives yiu invaluable time to gather reports from real G.P's and health professionals Reading between the lines the way these people work is to much like a conveyor belt .You must do this and that ,forms must reach us by etc..Secondly the tool that I refer to is by the Hertfordshire county council Pip assessment guide to filling in the form.

Without doubt a fine piece of work taking you through every descriptor with areas you should be looking at.Yes,its quite lengthy, however,it dies state in the Pip assessment guide "don't be afraid to go into detail".If they want detail .....give it to them.

At the end of the day the assessor uses a software tool called 'Pipat' which throws out the questions at you so in the real world its not an assessment but merely the computer having a damn good laugh..Thirdly show you mean business ;copy everything and take the form with you as your guide.especially if you go it alone.

If you use a bath seat... photo it,if you spill food over the cooker and floor area ..have a record of it I have just completed a form for a lady who uses a bath seat which was supplied by an adaptations unit ,however,the grab rails still haven't been fitted six months on .So the sticky notes on the tiles advising the fitter where the grab rails are supposed to go still adorn the tiles ......so I photographed them and sent them in as evidence

Back up you're evidence 3 fold 1/Medical 2/ Photographic.3/ Testimony from a trusted friend or relative who helps you or witnesses your personal disposition.

Good luck Mouselings.

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  • Thanks for the link, I don't need it but it is helpful if you need to help someone else fill it in.

  • Good advice Tonto.

  • Really useful, thanks :)

  • Very good to know - this site works so well when we all share bits of info etc,so many thanks.

  • stone-UK Can we please add this to the 'Useful links' pinned post? Thanks.

  • Hi

    Already added.

  • It may also be worthwhile to look at a template by the C.A.B 'diary to how my condition affects me' and print off say 7 which you can fill in for random days over the course of say 2 months .They don't have to be all for one week

    ...It shows your intent to you're health condition .

  • what are grab rails to do with PIP?Jus tscrew them in or get the supplier to do so! Guess you could take a video of how you collapse when trying to hoover etc! Still on DLA!

  • I suggest you do some in depth study of what PIP is and how it is assessed and what on...................Then you will see the relevance of grab rails etc.

    Without this knowledge when you come to transition from DLA to PIP which you will sooner or later, you will probably fail to score enough points to get PIP.

    Learn what you can while you have time and be prepared.

  • Think I need a lot more help now, as conditions are worse. Will start keeping more notes. Have the pictures of my face last time I fell !! Do not know why it is taking so long, keep getting the 5 year DLA renewal. Guess everyone is appealing! Cant even walk to a bus stop now, but perhaps they are not bothered. Its people with cars that annoy me when claiming DLA/PIP. If you are fit enough to leave your house, your fit enough to work!

    Just read all the guidance notes, seems if you cant walk 20 meters without getting breathless 12 points are awarded.

  • Dumba I don't agree that if you are fit enough to leave your house you are fit enough to work - just don't get it. JoHarr

  • Well someone I know is struggling to get in and out of the bath,like many people with arthritic joints it can be tricky.The adaptations unit put a bath seat in and showed her how to sit on the edge and swing her legs over. The problem is that the grab rails have not been fitted despite numerous phone calls etc.The whole point is to make this activity as comfortable as possible.

    We have to refer to whether she can complete this activity safely and repeatedly when trying to stand when showering to which the answer is no.

  • Of course not! It is an invasion of privacy these questions! I also have arthritis and a bath is one of the best treatments! Showers impossible! Would slip and fall! Why they put showers in flats and houses I do not know! Dangerous too!

  • I can leave the house, just, but it has to be by my car or cab but I'm certainly not capable of working. I've been hospitalised 7 times in last 12 months with severe emphysema and complications.

    I think you should re evaluate your opinions Dumba.


  • If there was no PIP or DLA one would have to get by anyway! It is a bonus not many countries give!

  • Sure you shouldn't feel obligated to work with a condition that could at any point become life threatening.. The part where could you complete an activity safely ,repeatedly and in a timely manner that s not a reevaluated opinion its a fact of life for many who share similar health dispositions as you could be a liability to yourself and others in the workplace.....please don't take that as being a discriminatory against people with disabilities as any potential employer has to do his or her evaluation on you before they decide to give you a position.The law does state however that an employer has to make reasonable adaptation s...but in real terms it doesn't happen.

  • I think it is very important to also fill the forms in using your worst days as some days we can do a little bit more but where they are concerned you go by your worst. When I applied I was denied and then I wrote them a letter stating my medical condition and told them that they needed to research properly .. with that my appeal was dropped and I was awarded full mobility. Hope this helps

  • Very good news,

    Unusual for DWP to overturn an original decision especially for mobility.The form is not exactly the' flavour of the month' she it comes to actually moving around. There are only 2 questions regarding mobility or getting around .Its as though they want you to be tied to kitchen sink by taking scooters and cars away from people.

    I had to write in for mandatory reconsideration for a lady with a mental health disposition.She was doing so well whilst on DLA and as close to recovery as you could possibly get. Within the letter I wrote simply 'This lady has come two steps forward and now she's having to take one step backwards' This meaning it is false economy to take the benefit away as she would end up back where she was.

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