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Followers and thanks

Hi all

I've just signed up to follow afew of you. In case you are wondering why... I thought of idea as have " chatting" to Kincho who is my follower now which was nice. So looked up all the people who've sent me such helpful posts and decided to follow them. ( sorry if missed anyone out!). Also helpful to reread the previous replies in various issues. Good to feel you're not alone with this unusual thing called bronchiectasis! X

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Hi Winter I think you're my first follower! I found out two weeks ago that I have asthma too,as well as Bronchiecstasis which is why I responded to steroid treatment when I wasn't supposed to. Always happy to chat :)

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Yes I have asthma too. Ended up changing GP for 1st time in my life as she got stressed by whole thing including me having both conditions ( although there's more... long story) . She said " it's so complicated you having both conditions!".... like it was my fault! X


Er isn't that her job! I have asthma too as well as BE and it's very nice to have you as a new friend :-)

love cx


Hi Winter,

I have bronchiectasis and ABPA. I'm happy to share experiences and info. It's so nice to know there are others who have the same conditions. Looking forward to chatting in future.



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