Great day today

I got up this morning took all of my meds and packed my portable oxygen and drove over to my daughter's. I don't see my daughter often as she lives on the top floor of her building which is 3 flights of stairs. Needless to say I get a little anxious. I promised my grandson I would come. When I arrived I called my daughter to come down and help. She did. She carried my oxygen and trooped on up the stairs stopped for a moment on second flight and then up to last flight she plugged me in and I took a couple of minutes to recover and stayed for about four hours. Stopped and got husband lunch and rested most of day. Really feel like I am getting stronger.

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  • You did so well going up all those stairs. Hope to keep getting stronger. Take care xxxxx

  • Yes I was surprised myself I have been walking for a couple of weeks without oxygen my lungs are getting stronger.

  • Good for you. Stairs are a problem for me usually! Visited Ikea in Cov recently! Lifts were a nightmare wait! Daughter decided we should try 3 flights of stairs! By 2nd flight my heart was pounding so hard I felt faint. Took time out! Did 3rd set!!! Was so proud of myself! Daft but I hadn't done stairs in ages! Will keep trying!!!!

    Breathe easy all!!!

  • Good for you. I just felt I haven't been improving and needed to challenge myself more.

  • It sounds as though you are doing really well, long may it continue xx

  • That sounds like quite an achievement, well done you! Hope you'll continue to reach your goals 👏👏👏

  • That's wonderful . Is so nice to read something positive, you're a shining example to everyone to get off their bot if at all possible 😃

  • Well done, that's great news. You should be very proud of yourself. Stairs are always a difficult one! XXX

  • How proud of yourself you must be well done great achievement x

  • I am but also know how quickly things can change.

  • I may have started something now. My youngest wants me to see a nutritionist now that I have started exercising and no longer have any form of nicotine in my body.

  • Well done you, bet it gave your confidence a big boost.

  • Good for you ... sometimes the stress is soooo worth it xxxxx

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