Great day today

I got up this morning took all of my meds and packed my portable oxygen and drove over to my daughter's. I don't see my daughter often as she lives on the top floor of her building which is 3 flights of stairs. Needless to say I get a little anxious. I promised my grandson I would come. When I arrived I called my daughter to come down and help. She did. She carried my oxygen and trooped on up the stairs stopped for a moment on second flight and then up to last flight she plugged me in and I took a couple of minutes to recover and stayed for about four hours. Stopped and got husband lunch and rested most of day. Really feel like I am getting stronger.

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You did so well going up all those stairs. Hope to keep getting stronger. Take care xxxxx

Yes I was surprised myself I have been walking for a couple of weeks without oxygen my lungs are getting stronger.

Good for you. Stairs are a problem for me usually! Visited Ikea in Cov recently! Lifts were a nightmare wait! Daughter decided we should try 3 flights of stairs! By 2nd flight my heart was pounding so hard I felt faint. Took time out! Did 3rd set!!! Was so proud of myself! Daft but I hadn't done stairs in ages! Will keep trying!!!!

Breathe easy all!!!

Good for you. I just felt I haven't been improving and needed to challenge myself more.

It sounds as though you are doing really well, long may it continue xx

That sounds like quite an achievement, well done you! Hope you'll continue to reach your goals πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

That's wonderful . Is so nice to read something positive, you're a shining example to everyone to get off their bot if at all possible πŸ˜ƒ

Well done, that's great news. You should be very proud of yourself. Stairs are always a difficult one! XXX

How proud of yourself you must be well done great achievement x

I am but also know how quickly things can change.

I may have started something now. My youngest wants me to see a nutritionist now that I have started exercising and no longer have any form of nicotine in my body.

Well done you, bet it gave your confidence a big boost.

Good for you ... sometimes the stress is soooo worth it xxxxx

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