What a fortnight !

sorry been missing but had a bad couple of weeks,, On top of COPD and Prostate CA, I started feeling dizzy but walking seemed to improve it. The started vomiting and the room went round at 100 MPH or was it me going round.. Para medic gave me a jab to stop the vomiting and from there on a bit better but I could write a book on the tinnitus that followed.. Anyway got some tabs for the tinnitus and things are a bit better. Drove the 300 yards to Waitrose and pushed a trolley up and down the aisles today. , still feel feeble and no energy and totally deaf in one ear, other than that I am still here to tell the tale oh yes a drunken walk.

I think there must be a balance with emergency services (better not call it overkill) but within minutes a first responder, 10 minutes later a paramedic, ten minutes later 2 ambulancemen and finally after the paramedic had done all the work a GP and trainee..

Interesting for anyone else with tinnitus, I know I had been given tablets but had only taken one.When i went to bed I threw out two of my 3 pillows and the following morning abba de cabra..

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What a roller coaster! Hope things are better now.

I have tinnitus that is there all the time and worse at night. It is like a water tank filling up and l just get on with it. I have a support pillow at night. Xx

Do pillows make a difference sassy? I have continuous tinnitus and mostly just ignore it. I call it the fridge in the next room. I sleep on wedge pillow for reflux but didnt know pillows have any significance, better or worse? for people with tinnitus.

Who knows O2 it's just that Mike threw out 2 of his 3 pillows and it seemed to help. I use my Tempur pillow to help with neck pain but the good old tinnitus just carries on. I ignore mine too.

Hope you are well at the moment. Xxx 👍😘

Im good sassy, tired from gardening but nice tired! How about you? :) :)

I like nice tired O2 and l'm doing well thank you. Xxxxx

Hello I am Peter from Downunder....Australia.I have emphysema 28% fev and was diagnosed with prostate cancer last year,undergoing androgen treatment and radiotherapy every day for 8 weeks.Have put on weight and restrict my diet but still put on weight.Would love to hear more about your experiences and situation.I feel tired most of the time and have to force myself to exercise daily.

Hello Peter,I just hope that you get over the treatment and re-cover from the treatment.Being tired all the time is a part of the course. Both the treatment and COPD make you very tired so it is safe to say you are doubly tired.. Do not despair I hope you recover 50% or more after the treatment.

I was diagnosed with prostate CA 12 years ago and have been lucky so far as my PSA has been kept at a reasonable levels. (under 7)It goes up and down with infections.It is up right now 14.8 and hope my next blood test is ok. It has been as high as 22.I inhale 18 micrograms of Spiriva am and have an emergency inhaler..I have only been diagnosed COPD 18 months ago.

Personal I am 82 and since my diagnoses for CA have re- married, taken up building and flying model aircraft again.That keeps my mind active and gets me out for some exercise.

It sounds that you are doing the right things, exercise and rest.. Everyone is different.When everyone died of CA my mother at 50 had radical surgery for breast cancer,a year later the other breast and the same year a muscle removed near the base of her spine and early radio therapy 1953/4 she lived to be 97.So never despair.

Kind regards

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