Looking after someone with a lung condition

Hi everyone,

If you know someone who is a carer, or perhaps you are a carer for someone who has a lung condition, you may find our 'Looking after someone with a lung condition' booklet useful.

Please click on this link to order a free copy, or you can alternatively download a copy if you prefer: shop.blf.org.uk/collections...

Best wishes,


BLF Helpline

7 Replies

  • Just ordered a copy Ben, thank you. Xxxx

  • Thank you! I hope it's helpful, sassy59

  • This lot people live on own BUT info is very scant.

    Out being done to address that as far as information leaflets.

    Am sure members have few ideas.

  • There are loads of leaflets, JAS. I have several and found them very useful. Check them out. blf.org.uk/support-for-you

  • Hi cheers had forgot about all that :)

  • My husbands ordered his copy, he looks after me x

  • I hope it's helpful for you both Jan_m

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