Strange pain

Hi me again. I'm glad to say my breathing has improved hugely I'm still weezing slightly first Thi g wen I wake up buts that's about it. I've had pain all around my rite lung area this week specially wen I woke up. But that pair of seems to have eased but now moved down my back the hole way around the I woke at 3 this morning g in agony it's the normal burning g pain I get everyday wen I wake up but now it was all the wT round an hurt even more wen I breath in an out. I've every single day with burning pain all thru my back normally from the botto. Of but it's moved the hole way up my back round the middle. I'm finding g it so hard to explain its from inside out not the other wT round I have N appointment with a weekend gp center later 2day but I'm s a red I won't b able to explain it properly an with my own gp is behaving like a child cause I put a complaint in I am very nervous any advice on any of this would b great. Xx

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  • If you are in so much pain and your GP is no help why not get yourself to A & E where they will be able to xray your chest.

  • I had an x ray last Friday wen I was rushed in an it wS clear. An I had the pain round my mung then. It's just that it's got worse an moved since then. I'm Cing the gp at the weekend surgery later 2day.tbh I'm in ago g all over e er single day an I e had so many blood tests an they did all the rite tests last Friday they were great. But it agony an my gp will not up my pain medsivd just finished steriods an antibiotics. X

  • If I had a pain that had moved and got worse I would go back to the hospital, especially with such an unsympathetic GP. Good luck.

  • Thank you if I have no luck with this gp Il go Na k to A&E. X

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