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I'm new living in us. 66 yr old. Heart transplant 3 yeas out. I had a rare reaction to. The drug Rapumune. Discovered pf 3 months ago. I use oxygen alot of the time

I try to maintain above 90. But I don't thin the concern for 92 is right

I started a heave exercise program on tread mill. Getting stronger every day. But as long as oxygen stas between 88 93 I feel wonderful. Any comments. Thanks

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  • Hi

    Below 88% is cause for concern if constant.

    88/92% is fairly normal during exercise.

    As always higher is better, but due to lung conditions not likely to achieve.

    On my last six minute walk test I maintained 94% on Ambulitory oxygen 4lpm.

  • excellent xxx Stone

  • Welcome Babyjim, it seems as if you are doing really well and long may that continue. Take care xxxx

  • Hi Jim , I think you are doing wonderful keep it up, as long as you feel ok and comfortable keep going. Please keep in touch and let us know how you are. Take care 😊 xx Bernadette

  • Sounds like you're doing really well Jim. As long as you're feeling well, just keep it up.....it pays dividends! Good luck to you. Pam XXX

  • Hi Jim--I am in US too--I have congestive heart failure and a-fib--My refractory number is 40--oxygen 92-96--when Im on O2 which I am 99% of time--3-4 litres--My heart rate ran 120 a minute for 6 days once--I was in the hospital--I take Cardizem (diltiziem) 180 mgs a day now and rate is good--(in the 70s--most days--If in a fib can go from 48 to 100 in a minute--This has all changed my life drastically--I try to stay positive but worry a lot--I currently live where there are steps--Ive been here 12 years--and now have to think about moving-Anyway--a little about me-Ohh I smoked 53 years--so Im lucky I guess-Keep in touch--Like your attitude--Hope it is contagious--Mmet

  • what is your treadmill program?/ im scared to do anything and I know I need to--MmeT

  • I started a month ago. It started at about quarter mile at 2mph. Every other day I increase speed and distance. Just over a mile at 2 1/2 mph now I have rigged my home oxygen with additional tank to deliver 10 ldrs. Easy day I feel stoner

  • wow that is something--MmeT I gotta get goin on it

  • I have a small indoor trampoline which I use but afraid to do too long in case i get too breathless. I have only just been diagnosed COPD/ASTHMA. I HAVE SCARRING due to many chest infections, so I am a little dubious at the moment. Take cate

  • Annabel--how did they find your copd? I am on O2--so far CHF and afib--but lung tests start in a week--cat scan,breathing,arterial blood gas--will these tell--? MmeT

  • All should tell you what you need to know. I had pneumonia, and had x-rays, scans, camera down. (Awful), and they found scarring from infections. My oxygen levels are normally 92, but does go up sometimes. Dr said it was copd and asthma, so am on 3 inhalers. Annabel

  • I went into afib on an inhaler--came out and they put me on nebulizer and I went back in--now I have it all the time--no inhalers for this chick--thanks for info--I go in the 30th for blood gas and scan MmeT

  • All the best to you keep in touch. Annabel x

  • Hello Babyjim. It's marvellous that you are keeping up your fitness levels and are gradually getting stronger. Good for you. I am pre lung transplant and am working hard to keep fit and strong.

    Best wishes to you.

    Cas xx 🌱🎶🌱

  • Good luck with your transplantCaspiana

  • Thank you Mardi. Do take care. xx ❤

  • All the best for your transplant x

  • hi sweetie--hope your fine--head up and straight ahead--proud of you---MmeT

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