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I'm new here I have copd, chronic bronchitis and 72 years old. I've just moved back to my home in Alaska its cold lol

For the first time I've been sick for a long period of time and my oxygen was usually 96-98 the last few week it's been 85-90 the last few weeks I've already been to the dr. just finished the meds. I was in Nevada and could get on oxygen when in the 90's I couldn't get on it here until I hit the 80's and didn't hit that until I ended in the hospital. I've never had anyone tell me how low is too low I test my own levels thank you

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Oxygen desaturation that is constantly below 88% is cause for concern.

Oxygen therapy may be required for long term or Ambulitory or both.

The checks should be made by your respitory nurse or GP.

Home oximeters are not the best at snap shots, some start high and come down to stabilise, some start low and go up to stabilise.

And for best results a arterial blood gasses test is required.


Hello Sammie1944 . And welcome. I think Stone has summarized it well with regards to oxygen. 😊 In Japan as long as you register below 88% you are a candidate for oxygen therapy.

I hope you have a good weekend.

Cas xx ☀🌹☀


Hello and welcome Sammie - Alaska - such a beautiful place but oh so cold. Hope you feel better soon. Take care.


Hi and welcome,what a beautiful place to live. 88%Would be considered low if your level stayed at that. Hope you enjoy living back home, and please keep posting to let us know how you are. Xx😊 Bernadette

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Hi..., I'm in Georgia, USA and first of all, cold is not a good thing for folks with COPD; every winter I suffer and everyone I know does as well. I'm in a rehab group and the shivering and whining that goes on when we first get there in the morning is outrageous. I repeat, "I'm in Georgia, USA", so I can imagine what it's like up there in Seward's Folly Ice Box....!!

Second of all, during my rehab sessions, occasionally my oxygen gets down to 88 while on the treadmill, even when my oxy is cranked up to 5. It just depends on how my body is feeling that particular day, usually though I stay in the low 90s. In answer to your question of "How low is too low?", I would say anything below 88 is pretty bad if you're there consistently, even without exercise.

I have no idea why the standards for needing oxygen would be different in Nevada vs. Alaska...., no idea at all. However, you might want to check out other docs/sources to make sure. "Get a second opinion" in other words.

Also..., please explain what you mean by "Just finished the meds..."; are you not on a regular inhaler like Spiriva or Symbicort...?? Do you not use Albuterol?? Are you using Qunol CoQ10 ???


(Good luck in that Refrigerator....)


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Thanks your remarks made me chuckle😁 I wonder how many know what Sewards Follies is lol. The meds were antibiotics feeling better today but going to go back to dr. I seem to go up and down I've had copd approx. 6 yrs. have 2 inhalers nebulizer, c pakfor night and oxygen my husband passed away in April so that's when I came home I was the only family member not living in a small area I haven't had any problems until now. I wish we had a rehab here. I was reading info on the 02 levels in different states it all depends on what the good old insurance will pay when I got here I had a portable machine I got pneumonia may 1 so the 02 went down and I got a machine. I haven't been sick since then a couple mild flair up but that's it thanks for your comments and advice hope you have a good weekend also I didn't know Georgia got cold thanks again


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