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After 2 clots were removed from a lung 13 years ago I've never been able to walk as far as I could and seemed to have a permanent chest infection . Several months ago I asked for some advice on what to do. I was advised to ask to see a specialist. After what can only be described as a heated debate about it. I finally got my gp to admit that 3 months on amoxicillin with no improvement was the last straw. I was sent to see a specialist and I've just had a ct scan . I have a lung function test in April and then will have my diagnosis in may. Touch wood.

Thanks to the community for the advice and for giving me the encouragement to push my gp

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  • Hope it goes well

  • So pleased that you've got what you need. Good luck with the appointment. XXX

  • Wishing you all the best. 🍀

  • It is hard having to push your GP. It runs against the traditional thinking about our doctors knowing best. But we have to take control of our diseases. It costs the GP practice to refer patients and it is too easy and cheaper for them to hang onto patients with chronic lung disease without really thinking further. Good for you for insisting. I shall follow your case with interest. If you look at my profile you will see why it is of particular concern to me.


  • Good on ya. I hope you get the answers and treatment. It will be worth it.


  • Good luck with this and well done for pushing things in your own best interests.

    Sue x

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