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Hi everyone

Im relatively new to this forum and I, m hoping for some interacting info about copd.

And if possible share my experiences with you all, I was diagnosed with copd in 2011 and beleive it or not I quit smoking in 2005, I am 68 and I attend the local gym at least 4 times a week, whilst there I use the treadmill at a speed of 5.3 and an incline which fluctuates from 20 down to 9 on the random setting, I am now intending to lose weight as I am to heavy for my height.

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A very warm welcome to you. cx


Hello Gw123 . It's lovely that you have joined us. It is also wonderful that you are going to the gym four times a week. Good for you. I hope you are having a good week.

Cas xx 🌞


Hello and welcome to the site. :)


Hello and welcome. Nice to hear that you're enjoying the gym on a regular basis. Good luck the weight reduction.

Pam 😊😊😊


Welcome Gw123.


A warm welcome from me too Gw123,

All the very best with your gym work outs. You are looking after yourself as well as you can it seems, plus if you start eating healthily it can only be good for you. Has your copd nurse mentioned Pulmonary Rehabilitation courses to you? If you can get on one, they are great for support and advice on diet and a good work out too, all combined in a 6 week course as a rule.

Any questions you have about copd just ask away here and there will always be some help at hand from those who know it well and the answers inside out :-)


Hi Jennifer's

Thanks for your reply, yes I am waiting for a date for the rehabilitation physio as I write, I almost feel as though I am defrauding the system owing to the gym work I am able to do, did 4 miles on the treadmill this morning and walked another 3 miles at lunch time, I am being told that excercise such as cardiovascular, slows this disease down quite considerably so little hope to continue for as long as possible

Thanks once again gw123 xx

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