Newly diagnosed with copd

I am dealing with the effects of copd

And just getting use to the limitations that come with. It, not being able to do the things I use to is kinda hard.l have gone from being active to huffing and puffing when I walk now.iam still getting test done like bronchoscopy. Am 54 non smoker for the last 20 years, but the whole situation is weighing on me.

Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks

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  • Morning Godgrace, things must be difficult for you but try and focus on what you can do and keep yourself as fit and well as you can.

    This is a good supportive site and hope to hear from you again.

  • Hi and welcome,

    It is very hard coming to terms with decreased abilities. After a few years, I still find this easier some days than others.

    As you are still undergoing tests, it would seem to be early days for you and when test results are known your treatment (assuming you have medications now) may be reviewed and altered.

    Pulmonary rehabilitation, if available, would also help you to adapt your lifestyle and manage some of your activities with a little more ease.

    Best wishes

  • welcome Godgrace we have plenty of members hear who can help and support you we are all at different stages but we all suffer from the same condition.

    I was diagnosed 11 years ago I can recommend the pr course it gives you the tools you need to manage your condition and the sooner you do one the better you can manage the condition

  • Welcome to the BLF UK forum ggrace.

    PR - pr - stands for Pulmonary Rehabilitation. Here in the UK it's a 6 week course we can go on for learning & exercise to build your stamina. Perhaps you don't have this facility where you are, however, DVDs are available on Amazon. Also check out YouTube for breathing & exercise fir lung health.

    Good luck. P

  • Thanks to all those who responded, I really appreciate it. The information I get from this site is priceless and gives me much needed hope,


  • Well come the best thing is to do what you can today and there is alleays tommorow give your self more time too do thing and take time doing them

  • Greetings and welcome..... Must admit I was so shocked when I was told and like you had given up ciggys decades earlier. Now seven years on I manage quite well, most of the time I forget about it. My best advice would be ....... keep away from anyone with colds .....Even family ..Chin up.


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