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Thank You All. Mattcass


Me & Fran want to thank you all again for your kind words and support, the dissappointment is behind me now it was an experience and when I get the next call I know what is happening.

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Look on it as a rehearsal, Matt. Good luck to you for next time. xx

What a disappointment. But do look at it as a practice run.

Good luck to you Mattcass and lots of love to you and Fran. Xxxx

Hope it won't be long, Matt. Don't unpack the bag! Good luck, Sue x

You take care I often think of you ,the best is yet too come


I'm sure it was a great disappointment to you both, Matt. Your call will come again & hopefully all will work out for you.

Be positive & keep well 🌺

Hope you won't have to wait for too long.

Although it can't have been a nice experience at the time, and you must both have been very disappointed, you will know exactly b to expect next time!


How disappointing for you,but hopefully next time will be a different story.

Here's hoping it's just around the corner!

All good wishes to you & Fran,hugs to you both xxx

Here's hoping you will get that call soon Matt. Xx

Hoping you don't have to wait too long for your next chance. Very best of luck for it... xx


Matt we were all so delighted for you and share your disappointment too. Next time lucky hey? It will happen and you will probably outlive us all. Take care sweetheart. Bev xx

Hi MC and Fran

I thought you were going to get a head start on me and beat me to the top of Arthur's Seat but it seems you were just limbering up for transplant.

Glad to see you have taken this disappointment and turned it into a positive. A practice run can do not harm and getting the right lungs for you is far more important.

Carry on keeping fit and staying well MC and let's hope for a better results next time eh'.

Tell Fran a diet of Haggis and Guinness is great transplant preparation 😃


Wishing you all the best for the next time. XXX

Hi MC so pleased your ok a turned this experience in to a positive call it a test run and I hope when you and Tony get your next call it will be for you and the procedure is a success.

Take care and treat that wife of yours to a nice meal out 😉

mattcass , Keep it going. it's better to go ahead than look too much in the past :-) Mic

Wow, I'm waiting too, I'm a nervous wreck just waiting at times, but hopefully it won't be too long now, fingers crossed for us all xx

Wishing you all the best xx


Keep as well as you can and then you'll certainly be ready for the off. I hope it's not too long. Nice reply from Bev, and all others of course too:-)


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