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I currently live in a park home which I own. It's an older unit and this year we are experiencing big problems with damp, the walls under my bed are very black even tho I am a bit of a fanatic about having windows open. The other problem s I have are narrow doorways and the bathroom, I struggle to get in and out of the shower and have fallen. My question is wether I would be able to access any help at all from my local council with regard to a more suitable property? The damp is not having a good impact on my Obliterative Bronchiolosis, or my mobility which is severely impaired. When we moved here I was able bodied and never for a minute did I expect to become so drastically disabled or I'll. Any advice please? The unit is not worth much on the open market so we can't afford to buy anywhere else.

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  • Hi

    You can apply to your local council for accommodation due to health issues.

    They will probably take into consideration you current circumstances as a home owner.

    You will not be a top priority unless you prove hardship and how your health is suffering.

    To your advantage park homes can not easily be renovated or altered to suit people with disabilities.

  • Thank u Stone, kinda hoped you'd know about this stuff.

  • For the damp mold go out side and check the gutter and all the panals were thay join or each cection as that is the way water gets in and the corners seal with guter seal and the corners take of and seal and put them back on and the windows as well

  • Gutters are checked regularly, Windows are sound and all the panels were resealed and checked when we renovated, this appears to be a condensation problem but hubby is at B&Q as we speak getting sealant for the corners just to be sure, will have to wait till the weekend storms home tho

  • The only reson i told you is i use to have 7 and the same thing use to happen to one of mine tryed heaters no good even moved the bed then some told me to check all joints and that stoped it and then sprayed mildew spray on it and pulled carpet away from the wall so no spray got on it as will bleach carpet so spray leave to work then wipe of and spray again then wipe leave to dry and put every thing back and then washed the carpet by the wall as you will have it on yhat as well .so some hard wotk when done put heater on to dry and open door and window to leave condention out good luck as know how hard it is

  • Strange isn't it, we've done the mildew spray and moved everything away from the walls where we can, this is the first year this has happened in this unit, wonder why now, will defo recheck the joints and as I said after the weekend hopefully can apply the waterproofing to the corners, I do love my little bungalow, its way too small for all the equipment tho! Thank u for all your help xx

  • As i use to rent them out i use to ask people not toleave plastic bags against the out side walls as that will cause it as well and it is a must you got to leave the air flow under the home as well as i have seen them and no air flow under neth which can give a lot of proplems as well

  • I did for get to tell you if you have any of the plastic boxes against your out side wall that will cause mildew in side as well they shound be at least 4inc away from the out side wall so the air can get to the back of them as use to have two on each one was for the washing machine and dryer and one for them to put what ever but air flow is the most in portant thing to them floor vent and wall vents

  • When we lived in a static caravan we used two dehumifiers one in front, one in back. They worked well to remove the water...about a liter per day.

  • Yes we've put the unibond ones all over the place, lived in a static for about 3 yrs and didn t have this problem of the black mould tho

  • Black Mold is a very serious problem....at least in the States. Would get some advise about it.

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