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Hi all I'm SJM2020 this is my wife's account which she had to open as I have been unable to post or reply or even message all I have been able to do is like posts.When I try to post it states I do not have permission to carry out action so it's been extremely frustrating not being able to answer your comments or thank you all for well wishes.The moderators have confirmed that they have not blocked me in any way as that was my initial thought as it just seemed to shut down on me.The moderators were good enough to give me the health unlocked support e mail to contact them directly regarding this issue but after 5 days and six emails to them I have had no response whatsoever so I just wanted to let everyone know that I am still constantly trying to respond to you all but with no luck.I hope everyone is doing well and that I still hear from you all.All the best.x

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Clear your browser history and cookies, remove all favourites and reference to HU.

Then start afresh sign in with your details.

Can be a glitch, I have had the same when replying or even when I edit my own post. I have had the red bar saying I have not got permission.


Thanks Stone a wealth of knowledge as usual I'll go give it a try again .Thanks.

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Thanks stone but never worked for me cleared all history and cookies removed it from favourites also but no joy I've even reset my router and phone but nothing seems to work yet I can use my wife's account using the same internet connection and browser etc and it works fine its very strange but I appreciate your advice and will continue to try.



I've been having problems logging in too. Each time I try, an advert for BLF pops up and takes over the whole page. I close it down by clicking on the X but then have to go through the whole process again. I emailed HU support team and not had a reply either.

Very occasionally, after many attempts, I manage to log in - hence why I'm on now, but it's very frustrating.


Hope things improve soon SjM and those pesky gremlins get the elbow. Take care xxxxx


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