Monday morning moan !!!

Up at half past five this morning - my son who lives in America was on business in Dubai last week, should have flown home Thursday, but then it was decided he was needed in Brussels tomorrow so he flew from Dubai via Amsterdam to Cardiff to stay with me for the weekend ( & brought his washing !!! ) Supposed to be on 10.20 flight Cardiff to Amsterdam but delayed two hours because of fog in Amsterdam, then cancelled all together. Back with me for another night so another early morning tomorrow. Now just had a phone call from my daughter who lives in Sussex - feeling rotten all weekend, Dr this morning & she has pneumonia - all this before lunch time !!!!! Allowed home only because her husband works from home, otherwise, if she lived on her own she would have been admitted to Hospital. Things can only get better.😳

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  • Oh dear Helen! What a start to the week. Hope your son gets his flight tomorrow and thinking of your poor daughter too. Wishing her well.

    As you say, things can only get better. Xxx 👍

  • Well they also say things go in threes Sassy so watch this space ! I have a BP check this afternoon - think it will be off the scale !! 🙄 xx

  • Take care and keep smiling. Xxx 😀 Thinking of you too. Xx

  • Oh Helen i bet you wished you had stayed in bed x

  • The early morning flights are a killer my old man does them and then sleeps on the plane.

    Hope your daughter is feeling well soon

  • Hello Helen,

    They can indeed and they will. I hope your Son didn't have any more glitches, and also hope your daughter will soon be on the mend. All you have to do is keep smiling:-)

  • Ok - so BP not ideal so another appointment tomorrow. Is it any wonder ? 🤣 But as you say Jennifer, keep smiling ( through gritted teeth ! ) xx

  • Sorry to hear about your daughter. What a stressful start to the week. I had a stressful day yesterday but not through illness fortunately, just trying to get people/organisations to do what they are supposed to! Fingers crossed that today runs more smoothly for us.

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