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have been diagnosed as COPD for some years now but only just this week advised about my LTOT [long term oxygen therapy] requirements of 15+hrs per day at continuous flow of 2ltrs/m

looking to buy a machine for use both at home, out and about driving + longer stays away in my campervan

I notice some machines are available at around £600-800 then there is a price leap of about £1000 to something like £1500 and upwards

can anyone explain the price leap other than the profit margin?

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Where have you been looking E-Bay,

A typical unit for your requirements would be around £2,450 new.

Reconditioned units are available from most suppliers.

S/Hand are available look at pinned post on right of page.

Respitory equipment for sale.


thanks, stone,

I appreciate your taking time to offer guidance

In fairness, I have looked all over the place. Perhaps this is where the confusion comes in. With my condition, I do not know which style/type of machine is best.

Best to assume new prices then if you like. Prices are starting at around £2500 for one type of COP, but there are also machines at around £800. Am not concerned about the odd couple of hundred as it is always easy to barter for ex-demonstration models or the like.

It is just whether the COPs priced at around £800 are any good for running 15hrs per day at 2L/m continuous over the long term and can be carted around the countryside in my Campervan. Alternatively, do I have to go down the £2500 for my usage?

From what you say that looks like the only option, never mind the best.

with regards


where do you live,these are available on nhs. I am lucky enough to have one stationary one, and one ambulatory (on wheels and runs on battery or mains). Both prescribed from my chest clinic.

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Wullie2009 have you asked your oxygen supplier about providing a portable machine? Many of them do now. Have a chat with whoever oversees your oxygen use and they should be able to find out for you.


a fair answer mrsmummy

however, for day to day use my regular supplier is by way of the NHS and they supply only what is prescribed by the local Respiratory Team

I was hopeful of taking the pressure off the NHS and use an alternative or private source for the secondary or back-up machine. I am a fair-minded guy and understand should I put my Local Team under enough pressure I could get it free through the NHS. Just felt since it was for holidays or the like I could pay.

So yes, I have spoken to them and instead of giving a helpful reply just said they would only supply what the NHS prescribed, so a bit of catch 22 with them.

thanks for the advice though


That is why you need to speak to whoever manages your oxygen use. Is it a nurse? If so, she is the one who can change your prescription. I know because they changed mine so that I could have one of the portables and it does not cost the NHS any more because the portable replaces the cylinders and they don't have to keep filing and replacing them. Do ask.


Be very cautious, there are some portable oxygen concentraters advertised around $600-$800 that do not in fact deliver a therapeutic dose of oxygen despite their claims. Just to be clear these are made in China and not well known brands.


just reread your post, and need to say the smaller concentrators are only pulse not constant flow.


Hi, I've been on 24 hr oxygen now for over 12 months, I use a cylinder when in the garden but I have a Acitvox concentrator when out and about, also going up and down stairs on my chairlift. This cost me £2500 with the extra side pack battery, I didn't really need this as it cost over £400 and hardly used. The prices are governed in general by the amount of lpm produced, I use 2 lpm at rest and 4 lpm doing any movement. Seems I sent this before I had finished, sorry. The Company I got mine from is Intermedical Homecare. They are very good but if you think you can haggle with them tuff lol. They have a sale on at the moment but these are held frequently. Best wishes.

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