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I had the doctor out to my mum yesterday and he said it was just a bit of mucus on her chest so no antibiotics given mums come down with a bad cold again but I think it's a bit more than that I know my mum I live with her he sees her once in a while she was very confused and disoriented looking for my dad who passed away last year he checked mums oxygen and said it was 75 with his I asked him to try mine and it was 67 he said my ixomiter wasn't reading correctly it was very expensive one so I have been out and bought another one and it is reading 72 mums been very sleepy all day with bouts of diaroeah through the day she looks awful in colour but seems as thou I rang the doctor for nothing he want impressed but her cough has now turned to a chesty cough and with levels as low as 72-75 he didn't seem as thou it was any cause for concern and said sometimes people get used to living with low levels of oxygen their brain gets used to it but reading articles on low oxygen levels says it dangerous and life threatening but no one will listen he also told mum bluntly to wear her oxygen it's important but mum didn't listen to him and she wears it wen she feels like it I'm so worried about her x

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  • Oh Chezzy how it makes my blood boil! Doctors have little or no understanding of dementia and he can tell your mum whatever he likes because she won't listen and won't remember anyway. It's sometimes ad if doctors don't care! Please don't give up and do see if anyone else can see your dear mum. I would complain to the highest level. I am also concerned for your wellbeing and find it all so sad. Xxxxxx

  • Awe bless you,the doctor should have a so much more sympathy and understanding. Thinking of you both. Love Bernadette xxx

  • Hello Chezzy

    I feel so sorry for you and of course your Mum , you are obviously doing all you can to help her and I'm sure she realises this and loves you for it.

    With all the help you offer, which may be welcome or not ,you have done your best and you just have to keep trying ....You have done so well !

    Best wishes to you both


  • This such a difficult time for you. Does the doctor expect you to hold the mask over her face all night? Stupid man. Even if you did hold the mask, your Mum would fight you and get distressed. In any case, you need your sleep so you don't get poorly.

    When my husband was dying from Cancer, the local Hospice arranged for a team of people to come four times a day. There were Marie Curie Nurses too. The Hospices care for people with various serious illnesses. They arrange home care where needed.

    It may be worth contacting the Alzheimer's Society. They offer help and support. I think they might be more helpful than your Doctor. Some Doctors seem to have the wrong attitude. Your Mum deserves the best care available.

  • Your doctor sounds heartless Chezzy. Is there anyone else you can call upon to see your dear Mum. You seem just so worn out. I hope someone on here can give you better advice on where to get more help,

  • How upsetting for you this visit from the doctor proved to be. It really does depend on who you get doesn't it?

    I hope you will follow up Azure's suggestions for getting additional help and support.

    Love and hugs


  • Are you in touch with your local Carers Support Group and Alzheimer's? If not, I really would recommend it. I don't know where you live, but ring your County Council, and ask for a Carers Assessment for yourself and your Mum. They will also have details of the support groups. That doctor needs to go on an Understanding Dementia Course. Someone mentioned hospice - that would be a very good idea too. You yourself need support. You have us, though it is not enough now, you need practical help.. Thinking of you.

  • Chezzy. I feel for you GP''s should be made to go on a dementia course When my mum was ill the doc just kept giving her Diazepam "to calm her down " Of course she wouldn't take any of them as she was still wise enough to know what he was giving her. Times when I knew something was going on I was pulling my hair out trying to get help for her It's very difficult when your on your own with no help One time I was on the phone to NHS 24 in tears because I felt no one was listening to me that my mum was so ill If you feel your mum is getting worse and doc is no help you should Phone NHS 24 Sometimes all you need is someone to listen to you. You know your mum better than anyone. Take care and do try to get some help from Social Services Even a carer coming in now and again helps

  • I know very little about oxygen delivery.....but I guess you mum has a mask ....has a cannula been suggested instead.

    I just hope you can get some help today....take care

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