well i have finished Anti-biotics

I have been ill since Christmas and have had another cause of antibiotics. Went back to GP yesterday to get the all clear. This is so i can go ad see my daughter, who is long term sick. She is doing alright so far since the last scare at the beginning of Dec. I was told no crackling but am wheezing. This is as good as it gets. So if i've got a permanent wheeze does that mean i'm safe to see her or not.Since i was in hospital in July i seem to have had a cause of antibiotics every month since.

I knew the GP knows about my daughter, so as long as i dont cough over her i'm alright. I have got to go for another xray the first one since August. Good start to the year. Still havent got any MTX as Kidney function was too low.

Hope you are all doing well keep safe. XX


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  • Hi Chris so sorry to hear you have not been well but hope things do improve for you. It will be lovely to spend time with your daughter. Take care xxxx

  • I have been left with wheezing aftr an infection.. but it resolves in a week or two. Good luck.

  • thanks for the reply . I have now been like this on and off since July when i was admitted to hospital. I came out two weeks later still short of breath and coughing. So nothing has changed, its a matter of grinning and bearing it. I ahve two grandsons that need picking up from school. This is so my granddaughter can work. I have said i am fit to have them if my daughter will bring them to me. We will wait and see what happens.

    Thanks again send hugs to you all XXX


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