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Short Winded

Hi my name is Lakesha, Im am 35 years old. I have pretty bad asthma that is not well controlled, but I have my red inhaler. However I get short winded and out of breath walking to the bathroom in my bedroom, which is probably not 10 steps going and coming. I dont think thats normal and im am beginning to think its worse than asthma. What you guys think.

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You need to go and talk to your gp or asthma nurse, it doesn't seem right to me but they are the experts. Do it asap and put your mind at rest x


Hello Lakesha.

I second Diesel's advice. You need to see a doctor to find out what is going on. It definitely needs some looking in to. It 'm at be nothing, but it's best to be safe. Take good care.

Cas xx 🌸


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