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Oh fer gods ake

I've got COPD,mild, I would imagine,can't run a mile but get about pretty a bit lazy since retiring...weigh more than I should...muscles not used enough I decided I'm gonna do something about it...nothing spectacular just walk as often as I can...leave the car at home...3 days in I get UTI...knocked me for most extra illnesses...going to see the doc today...oh by the way only called this morning at 8am got an appointment at 2pm...lucky me eh!...spent the night sweating coughing and peeing...not in the bed 😂...have had about 20 mins sleep and I'm feeling pretty that works I don't know...lost my cat Chloe last week...crying like a little girl in the vets office...people were understanding I guess after 14 years she was a part of the family...Anyhoo just wanted to vent a bit...hope you are all comparitively well.

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Hope you feel better soon a UTI can knock you for six.

A lot of people on here are animal lovers & will share your pain on losing your much loved cat. I have two, both elderly now & I know it is just a matter of time particularly with the elder of the two. xx


It really has but the doc has set me up with strong anti-biotic and it's working ☺

Thanks for replying


Losing a pet is so painful. Of course they're family. RIP Chloe



She really was part of the family

Thanks for your reply


When I had to put my 17 year old cat down I was sobbing so much at the vets they gave me a towel! I was one the verge of hysteria. Nothing wrong in that, The little darlings get right in your heart and take control of it don't they? You know you had to do it as a good pet owner and that's the main thing. It does get better. Take care. x


Good morning,

I am pleased you are recovering well, and looking after yourself.

Having to say goodbye to a much loved pet is horrendous and I really feel for you - no words really are there for it hurts so much, but most of us on here understand. Yes, they are your family:-(



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