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Green mucus mixed with blood


Hello can someone help me. Since yesterday i have been coughing up thick green phlegm with blood mixed. All last night i did not really cough but when i cleared my throat i had brown mucus looking like blood mixed. This morning i started coughing green mucus with blood mixed in it. Also on one occasion i coughed up phlegm containing almost all blood with some phlegm. I talked to someone at clinic and they said it should be from the lung because i would be coughing non stop not controlled like what i am doing. Is this true? My mind is all over the place. If anyone can comment thank you very much.

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Go see your doc in morning

I agree with David, best to see your doctor. Xxxx


Essential your are checked by GP or walk in clinic.

Because you phlegm is thick and sticky it may just be tearing the tiny blood vessels.

Drink plenty of water to help thin down the mucus , do you take a specific medication to help with mucus clearance.

See GP as soon as possible and if you have containers take a sputum sample to be analysed for correct antibiotics, if needed.

Sounds lie you have phewmonia. I would get to the doctors or hospital as soon. As you can. Not a good sign. Check it,out on Google.

Yiu really should go see your doc


Good morning Sam,

Sound advice from all and especially extra information from stone.

Let us know how you get on won't you?

Your previous post: you've been having this for 6 months. You need them to get a move on... get this treated. Sounds like an(other) infection, maybe needing anti biotics. I'd recommend you wait to do the sputum sample at the surgery, fresh is best... but get there TODAY.

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